Hello dear followers,

First of all we shortly introduce the Lifestylehunters to you. The Lifestylehunters consist of a gay and a girl, Niels (23) and Linda (26). Niels and Linda both work in PR and love the good life. Lifestylehunters.com will keep you up to date about the developments in: Fashion, beauty and hotspots. Things we like, and like to talk about, from our point of view. We are ‘hunting’ the lifestyle for you, every day.

Each week we will post pictures of our look of the week, inspiring streetstyle pictures and editorials (Lookbook). Once every month the professionals will share their expertise (Pro-talk). The pro’s vary from creative hair directors, to photographers, till champagne experts.

We hope you will have  just as much fun reading, as we did writing and developing the website.

Xoxo, The Hunters