Sports should be fun. That is why I (Hunter Niels) am not a big fan of gyms. I love wachting the ‘Muscle Mary’s’, see the men sweat and the feeling you get after you worked out. However I hate to lift the weights in public, and see people staring at me when I’m sweating and the worst part: Lifting 12 kilo’s, while the guy/girl next to you lifts 42 kilo’s. That’s why I was so happy I got invited by The Athletic Club to get a personal training.

The Athletic Club opened the doors a month ago and is located in the middle of the centre, next to Vondelpark, close to Leidseplein. The Athletic Club is all about making sport fun. They bring personal training to the next level.  A private atmosphere, most innovative trainings methods, an unique location and last but not least an exclusive design. The Athletic Club is designed in art-deco style. Rings from 1970, climbing rack from the 60-ies, staircase from 1700 etc.. It reminds of the time when Mohammed Ali was boxing. Not that I was alive back than, but it feels very old-school and cozy. Upstairs they have more modern machines for cardio. The idea is that on the wood is the ‘working space’ and on the marble the ‘relaxing space’.

At the club they have Kiehl’s products and refreshing shower cabines.  The owner and one of the personal trainers is Mo Achahboun, taekwondo champion, and also as trainer/specialist  for TV programs and collumnists for Glamour magazine. I could hardly lift my phone up and tweet after the training, so Mo did his work, and so did I. The Athletic Club is probably the most beautiful and exclusive health club from Amsterdam. Since it’s located so close to the centre it’s also perfect for the once who are visiting Amsterdam for leisure of for a business trip.

Tesselschadestraat 1 D, 1054 EZ Amsterdam – Nederland, +31 (0)20 612 03 79