White is the most important color for season SS2011 and indispensable in your wardrobe and toiletry. On the catwalk all designers showed white in their collections. The clothes in stores composed of many white. From romantic dresses, layered skirts until simple tops, all are available in white. The minimalistic look and the use of simple/light colors is for beauty really important this season.

Key words for the beauty trends this season were: minimalist, pure, fresh and powerful. Foundations were more transparent than ever and only provided where needed, lip gloss used for the skin instead of the lips, and very important the shape of the eyebrows. During the show by Giambattista Valli, the eyelashes and eyebrows of all blonde models were even whitened.

When whitening your lashes is too much, it is also possible to make a come back of white in your make-up on your nails. White nail polish is normaly only used for the white line at the French Manicure, but to get the minimalistic look, try to polish your nails completely white. It takes longer and requires more concentration than a different color, because white is less opaque, but the result is success assured. Make sure your nails are short and apply the nail polish for the best result  twice.

I used the white nail polish of YSL and my nails were after painting once, actually opaque and beautiful. I’m very curious if you get as many compliments as I did with this color on my nails. I love te hear your comments.

Have paint fun!