We probably all have Converse shoes in our closet. That’s no surprise. However I’m sure I have a pair you don’t have. At a special bloggers event at Unlimited PR, Converse organized a workshop in which you could “pimp your shirt”. The blogger with the most original designed shirt could chose a pair of shoes designed by the lovely girls from www.bravoure.com .

I didn’t had to think a long time about my design. I love sequins, so I started with sequined shoulder pads. The rest of the shirt was inspired by fireworks. Out of one corner an explosion of sequins sprinkled cover the shirt. Overall the shirt didn’t look as extravagant as it sounds. Actually it is something I would wear. The problem is, I glued all the sequent. So after the laundry, all the sequent will probably be in my washing machine.

And guess who the winner of the challenge was? Me! I had the first pick, and chose a pair of black All Stars decorated with white feathers.