All colour combinations are possible, important is to combine the different colours in blocks.

The colour block can be created in several ways. The use of clothing in different colours, the combination of coloured accessories with clothes in a neutral shade, or to use different colours in the Make-Up. Even in the beauty field is colour blocking a trend.

The Rock & Baroque nail polish collection by Yves Saint Laurent is the must have nail polish of this season. One day baroque, the other day glam rock. From classic to Y Conique Haute Couture purple. Mix and match. There are no rules, have fun!


N° 1 – Belle de Jour
N° 2 – Rive Gauche
N° 3 – Belle de Nuit
N° 4 – Y-Cone

Manucure Couture Duo  € 31,99

I started working with the nail polish of YSL. My nails obviously can’t remain this colour blocking trend. I admit that it’s not as easy as it seems. It requires some practice and a lot of concentration.
But I am sure that you will succeed with following tips:


– Nail file
– File to polish the surface of the nails
– Base coat (usually colorless with a French manicure)

– A opaque white or colored nail polish
– A transparent or white nail polish
– Swab
– Nail polish remover

– File the nails into a square shape
– Polish the surface of the nails
– Apply the basecoat
– Draw a line of 4 mm. Make sure the line at the bottom is slightly curved. (Remove the excess polish with a cotton swab)
– Polish the nails in the end with transparent white or pink nail polish 1 or 2 times