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YSL Rouge Pur Couture
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | April 9, 2013

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

Cosmetics are just like men and play an important role in our lives. In order to love someone, you must first judge them. At least you can ask the same questions to judge a man either your cosmetics.

Hunter Linda felt deeply in love with YSL Rouge Pur Couture,Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain.



1. Love at first sight?
Yes definitely, he took my breath away from the first time I saw him. I love the signature YSL packaging design. The luxurious golden shell, the black elegant shape. I would buy this just for the packaging.
2. Where does he come from?
Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent is born in Oran, in Algeria in 1936.
3. How would you describe him?
Soft, tender, long lasting and drys down beautifully. The first time I used the gloss, I was happily surprised. To be honest I am not a big fan of lip gloss because of its stickiness.

But YSL rouge pur couture is different.

The formula feels like a lipstick, then dries to a velvety finish.

4. What attracted you the most about him?
The shiny finish, the intense color and the super long lasting effect.
5. What is his financial status?
6. Where did you meet him?
YSL rouge pur couture is available at all YSL counters.
7. One night stand or long term relationship?
Long term relationship. This is what women want in a man. I used number 8 orange De Chine. I definitely want to try the other colors.


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