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New year, new skin
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | December 3, 2011

New year, new skin

These cold and dark days ensure I (Hunter Linda) pay more attention to my beauty rituals. I love to transform my bathroom to a small beauty salon. I pamper my skin with a rich body cream, I polish my nails and I exfoliate my skin. I love the soft feeling of my skin after first the exfoliation and than the use of a delicious scented body cream. The method and way of using a exfoliating is really important. You should know, how to do it right so you avoid a damaged or irritated skin.
The cells in the face make their way to the surface over their lifecycle, they die and become saturated with keratin, or skin debris. Keratin is important because it protects the skin. Some people think they can replace the cleanser for a exfoliation scrub. It’s important to know, this is not the case. There are two main types of exfoliators used in skincare: chemical and mechanical. Mechanical exfoliators manually remove dead skin cells with an abrasive substance such as shells, salt, or sugar. If you have a sensitive skin, use a scrub with no harsh chemicals. The other exfoliator is the chemical exfoliator. This product is easy to wash off and you can use this product more often. How often you can use a exfoliator depends on your type of skin. I would recommend to use the product once or twice a week and use a product with fine grains. Exfoliate the skin at night, so your skin can rest during the night. A marvelous idea for a cold, dark Sunday afternoon right? For good exfoliater products you could go to the body shop or Skins Cosmetics (or another big (beauty) warehouse like Selfridges and Barney’s). They could advise you which exfoliator matches with your skin. Happy new skin!




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