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The ultimate B&B website
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | December 31, 2011

The ultimate B&B website

We all love travelling. However one of the reasons most don’t travel much, is the high expenses each time. We have the perfect solution. And we tested it ourselves. It is . Airbnb is a bed & breakfast website. It is actually comparable with couch serving. People rent their own appartement, or a space in the appartement for guests. The prices and the quality of the rooms they rent vary a lot. From just a dirty couch in Barcelona to whole loft with roofterrace in meatpacking district. Everything is possible at airbnb. Depending on your budget you could choose an appartement. Besides it is more affordable than most hotels, it is a very unique way of experiencing a city. Since you stay in a house from somebody, and not in a hotel you feel immidiately like home, and experience the city like a citizen instead of a tourist. This summer we travelled to New York City and Paris for the fashion weeks. Since we wanted to keep the expenses low (we rather spend it on fashion) we made use of airbnb.  Both of the times it was a little scary, because we were affraid to arrive at some dirty appartement, or have a strange house owner. But as well as in Paris as in New York City we were very lucky, felt very safe and had a perfect host. The house owner gave us lots of tips on how to travel in the city, and also told us were to go for shopping/dinner/coffee. Airbnb is the perfect website for people who like to do lots of city trips, and who like to live like a local.

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