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Tips for an healthy glow
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 4, 2012

Tips for an healthy glow

No flawless skin, as result of the bad weather, we all, excluding those who celebrated the holidays at a tropical place,  have to deal with this problem in this time of year. There is nothing to do about the fact of having a flawless skin, but that doens’t mean you have to look like not having a flawless skin. You can help your skin looking warm, healthy and glowing. The Hunters will give you some tips, to survive the winter. Start by taking a good look at your skin, try to find the problem look for dark circles, red patches, dryness, blemishes and try to figure out if your skin is dehydrated, looking dull or just oily. As soon as you found the problem, you can start. If you’re experiencing redness, start your routine with a green toned primer. Make sure that the primer suits your type of skin. If you have a dry skin, choose a moisturizing toner. If you have a oily skin, use a mattifying toner. The next step is the foundation and not to mention the concealer. The concealer is really important for those who have the dark circle problem, like Hunter Linda. If you have extreme dark circles caused by visible blood vessels or pigmentation, apply some of the concealer here but you will have more effect with the use of a light-reflecting pen. Even if you’re blessed with dark circle-less skin, a light-reflecting concealer applied under the eyes can add radiance to your skin. The way of applying your foundation is also really important. If you have dry and scaly patches, avoid brushing or buffing your skin too much. Apply your foundation with a sponge or with your fingers. Blend your foundation well until you have a clean, even base. For the best result you have to use a creamy high coverage concealer to cover any blemishes or pigmentation and use a silica powder for a clean and even finish. After the powder, your skin is ready for the most important part, namely for contouring and highlighting because this will make all the difference. To find the right lines, look where the light naturally catches the face. Apply the highlighter with a brush or with your fingers to the tops of your cheeks, your cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose and you brow bone. Yes ladies and (metrosexual) gentlemen to follow all these steps, we have to get up at least an hour earlier. But it’s more than worth it.



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