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The smell of design
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Inspiration | July 31, 2012

The smell of design

A family business that set sail from the harbour of tradition in pursuit of a dream. Learning and sharing in order to change things. The passion and dedication of one man as the foundation of today‚Äôs success: Camper.Camper is a way of walking. And its products are the result of a philosophy of life, a way of thinking and a way of making footwear. What comes up your mind when you think of Camper? The colour red, Spain, Shoes displayed on one large table, Comfortable shoes? Some of you probably know more about the brand, or are already a Camper fan. For those who don’t know much about Camper, let me introduce you.¬†Last week I was invited to come to Mallorca to discover the brand at ‘home’ in its Mediterranean roots and to experience the workshop ‘Thanks God it’s Friday’. I had 3 amazing days, more about my personal experience will follow in a on the hunt Camperland post.

Each year Camper scouts 9 talented students from different design schools in Europe. The students are invited by Camper to participate in the annual Designer Workshop at Son Fortesa. Ten days learning the craft of shoemaking and designing by a interactive approach. I was invited to meet the designers and to attend the final presentation of the workshop, dedicated to the theme: The smell of design.

The designers started to design a smell. They collected objects, which should reflect the final design of the shoe. It is interesting to discover aspects of an object through how it smells. There is something special about this medium, something that evokes special emotions and brings back old memories. In my opinion a very special way to develop a design, because it’s really personal. Everybody creates their own experiences.

I visited Son Fortesa the day before the presentation. We got the opportunity to ask the designers questions about their background, concepts, ideas and designs. 9 talented students (3 of them were Dutch students), all with completely different personalities, different backgrounds and different ideas but with one thing in common, their passion. I was impressed by their talent and creativity some of them never made shoes before.

I was looking forward to the results, which were presented the next day.  You probably all understand why I was impressed by these designers and their designs. In my opinion all designs were strong and can be part of the Camper collection. Perhaps this will happen in the future. The students do get the change to work for the company. So, maybe I actually will wear a pair of shoes from one of these designers.


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