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The most creative morning in 2012

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Posted by lifestylehunters | Diary | February 23, 2012

Last Tuesday Unlimted PR organized a special online editors and bloggers event. The Hunters were invited and Hunter Linda had the most creative morning of 2012. I got the change to design my own G-star brogues. After a short introduction about the brand, the manufacturing of the shoes and the presentation of the SS12 collection it was time to start. After seeing the SS12 collection, which consists of brogues shoes, wedges and cool boots it started to tickle. I love  brogues, and can’t get enough of these type of shoes. They are typically Linda. I grapsped the opportunity to design my own shoes, with both hands. The best designed shoes, will be produced. You all understand that I’ve done my best and I really wanted to design a pair of brogues which were typically Linda. They are colorfull, consist of a lot of pink, pastel shades and have stripes. The must have shoes for SS12. After this creative part, it was time for another experience. Namely the world of 3D. Besides Hunting around, I really like to go to the cinema. I actually have a cinema subscription. I have no preference for a particular type of movie, it depends on my mood. Although I prefer 3D movies, because of that special experience. I have the feeling of being a character from the movie. 3D is getting more and more important nowadays and probably  in a while indispensable. When watching a movie in the cinema, but also in your own living room, while watching television and playing games. To make it possible to see 3D you need special glasses. You all remember the paper glasses with the blue and red glass and nowadays you get a more fashionable variant in the cinema. You actually have to buy this glasses each time you attend a 3D movie. I believe I  can start my own cinema at home, I guess I have 10 pair of glasses, because I forget them every time. For those who have the same problem, Kiss&Kill is the solution. Thanks to the special glasses, you have one frame and two options. You could wear them as normal sunglasses when you’re outside. And when you go inside and sit in front of the television, it turns in 3D. That’s amazing right?! You could look al fabulous in the cinema, instead of wearing that dirty over-used pair of plastic glasses you normally get. Beside the fact they are usefull I really love the designs and colors. They have some cool cat-eyes and aviators. For a movie lover like me, a must have.


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