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Off with your hat
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Inspiration | December 19, 2011

Off with your hat

Creating a unique style might be more of a challenge during the winter for some of you. However the Hunters have a tip for you to stand out a little more.

As result of the bad weather, and low temperatures it is easy to go for a comfortable look. I (Hunter Niels) am not really a big fan of comfortable. Of course it is nice to wear a sweater from a good quality cashmere. However sometimes you just need to suck it up a little to look good. Having said that, we do have a fashion tip which is stylish and comfortable the same time. We are talking about hats. During the winter it is kind of a pain in the ass that your hair gets messed up as soon as you take one step outside. That is why a hat is the perfect solution to stay good looking. For the real comfort a fur hat is ideal, however you can’t wear a fur hat inside. A more traditional wool hat is a better solution. It keeps your hat warm and dry, and you have it in all kind of colors and sizes. For the more rock and roll look you could go for a plain black one. To be a little bit more chic you could choose a brown or grey version. To stand out in the crowd a bold color is an option. And for the more dare devils you have hats with feathers and other decorations. Good hats are available at high-street shops like Topman, Zara and H&M. However for the real collector items (like the one Patrick McDonald is wearing) you need to go to a hat shop. A hat is the perfect accessory during the winter to spice up your look.

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