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Stop searching
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | February 15, 2012

Stop searching

I’m kind of irritated this morning because I think I lost my favorite lipstick. I didn’t really had time to search, so maybe it is located somewhere at the bottom of the enormous beauty box. To solvo this never ending problem there are 2 solutions. The first is the stop of buying make-up which is obviously no option, because Hunter Linda is addicted. The second option is to store all the products with a organizational system in mycloset. These following tips will help you to save money, because you don’t have to buy that favorite color of lipstick again, streamline your beauty routine and to ensure your mornings are less irritated.

1. The cleaning
Start with the gather of all your products and get rid of anything that smells strange, or looks different as intended, or that you haven’t used in the past six months.

2.  The selection
Check the expiration date of the products and start using the products which are close to the expiring date. Some people think that make-up remain forever, this is not the case. This guideline will help you to sort out the products:
Mascara and liquid liners: Good for three months
Eye Shadow: Can be kept for up to two years, but lose it if it breaks or becomes shiny
Lipsticks and glosses: Can be kept for a year, but if you have a cold sore, throw it away
Lip Pencils: Good for up to three years with sharpening
Liquid Foundation: Can be kept for up to two years, but throw it away if it separates or changes color
Moisturizer: Good for up to three years, but if you notice a strange smell or weird texture, trow it away
Sunblock: Good for about a year, and then its effectiveness will start to decrease
Perfume: Can be kept for up to two years.

3. Simplify the use of products
You don’t need a bazillion beauty products te keep your skin looking fabulous. You just only need a few. Save time and money the simplifying your beauty routine.

4.  Categorize
Keep your daily essentials together, for example in a small toiletry. Then seperate all you cosmetics by category: lipsticks, nailpolish, tools, mascara etc. This way you know where you can find it, if you have to replace something.

5. Show some love to your make-up brushes
Your make-up brushes are precious. You spend a lot of money for them, right? You have to treat them with respect, so store them right. Tuck them away in a cabinet of put them neatly on your dresser for easy acces. Don’t keep them in the bathroom, the same goes for all you make-up products. The heat and humidity can encourage bacteria growth and destroy the pigments in your make-up.

It will cost you a Sunday afternoon, but it is actually a very fine occupation. It is like doing beauty shopping in a warehouse, because you will find back so many thing. And you’ll be amazed, about the products you actually really have.

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