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Sjiek kookpunt, Maastricht
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | December 29, 2011

Sjiek kookpunt, Maastricht

Maastricht is a very culinair city. The city is known for the good restaurants and service. Many restaurants in Maastricht are very classic, and french. However Hunter Niels found a very relaxed italian place: Sjiek kookpunt. ‘Sjiek’ means chic in Dutch. However actually it is not a very chic restaurant. It is very down-to-earth. Sjiek kookpunt is like an enoteca. A tasting restaurant, where you could buy italian products, but also could eat something. At sjiek kookpunt you could buy all different oils, wines, pasta’s and other typical italian products. The menu is at Sjiek is small. They offer a couple of different antipasti’s, starters, pasta’s and meat and fish dishes. Approximatelly 15 dishes in total. The dishes that they make are delicious. I (Hunter Niels) had the steak tartare with truffle and parmezan cheese. Together with a good glass white wine I had a small food-orgasm. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and typical italian. It is like you are dining at some italian’s home, in his kitchen. At Sjiek kookpunt there is also the possibility to do a cook workshop. Workshops they offer are: Anti pasti, walking dinner, high tea and dolce. Sjiek kookpunt is a must see for the italian food lovers.

Sjiek kookpunt, hoogbrugstraat 15, Maastricht.

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