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Secret cocktails
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | July 1, 2011

Secret cocktails

Actually I wanted to keep this one to myself. But you know me, I like to share all my (dirty little) secrets with you guys. Please promise me, to keep this one to yourself. Only tell it to your closest friends, and respect the houserules of this bar. I am talking about: door74. This cocktail-bar is located in Amsterdam in the gay-street (reguliersdwarsstraat). No matter how many times you walked through this street, you probably didn’t see it. The bar is very good hidden, in the middle of the busy center of Amsterdam. There are no neon signs outside, now windows, no open door. To enter this cocktail bar you need to make a reservation in advance (or you have to be a frequent visitor). You need to ring the bell, and the host will open a small shutter, before letting you in. Once you enter the cocktail bar, the host will take your coat and bring you to the table. You immidiately get a glass of water and some bites before getting the cocktail menu. The bartenders give you all the time you want to browse through the menu and are very helpful in advising you about the cocktails. The menu changes every season, and I promise you, they serve cocktails that you never had anywhere else. Last week I had a cocktail with a fried grasshoper next to the slice of lemon. In the menu are also the houserules: You are not allowed to flirt, not allowed to use your cellphone, not allowed to get wasted etcetera, etcetera. This may sound very harsh, however this is what makes the bar so special. The service is splending, the cocktails new and refreshing and the interior luxurious. What more could you wish for? Because of the houserules, and exclusivity, the atmosphere feels a little bit like New York City, back in the days during the prohibition. Door74 is the perfect place to go for a date, or after dinner drinks. But sssssj, don’t tell anyone else, because you know how much we like exclusivity.


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