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Sabi Sabi, South Africa
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | January 8, 2012

Sabi Sabi, South Africa

Between Christmas and NYE I (Hunter Niels) spend my time in South Africa. Many people asked me what I did for only one week in South Africa. Well, I have three words: Safari, safari and safari. Me and my family stayed during the week in two different lodges, or private game reserves. The lodges were located next to the Krugerpark. There were no boundries between the game reserve where we were staying, and the Krugerpark. So you have to imagine that the park where we had the game drives in, is even bigger than the Netherlands as a country. It’s always a surprise what animals you will see during the game drive. One of the private lodges was Sabi Sabi. The room I stayed was huge. It was more like a small house. A front room, a little hallway, huge bed(room), a small private garden, a terrace and the bathroom, or as we called it: the ballroom. It had a indore, and outdoor douche and a huge bad tub, so sexy! But don’t think we spend too much time in this lodge. Each morning at 5.15 we had a wake-up call, and after some tea we left at 6.00 for the first game drive. The game drive is in an open jeep, with a ranger and a tracker. The ranger drives and tells the stories about the wild life, and the tracker sits on front of the car and looks where the wild life is. During a game drive it is always a surprise what you see. In Sabi Sabi we saw an awfull lot: Wild dogs, Elephants, Buffalo’s, beautiful birds, black mamba’s (so scary!), antilopes, Rihno’s, Leopards etc. . The animals come really close to the car, but you don’t feel unsafe, because the animal thinks you and the car are one thing, so they won’t attack you. However it is important to stay quiet, and not move too much or stand in the car. And preferably don’t wear colourblocking clothes, because this might scare the animal. During the game drive you have one small coffee break. This is always very exciting, since you are in the middle of the bush. You just saw a Leopard and 5 minutes later, you stand out the car in the bush. They bring the drinks with, so don’t expect the coffee break is at the Starbucks, it’s more like a picknick. After the coffee break the safari continues, and around 9.30 you will be back in the lodge. During the day you’ve got all the time to brunch, lunch, swim, tan, read or sleep. Also is the possibility to go for a bush walk, a safari by feet. During a bush walk the ranger more talks about small animals, footprints, the plants and trees. And at 16.30 it’s time for the evening game drive. Again you have break during the game drive, however this time with snacks and alcoholic beverages. A gin tonic, in the bush, during sunset, it’s the most romantic thing you could imagine. You feel like you are the only one on the entire planet, together with the animals and nature. Sabi Sabi is definetely a honeymoon location.


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