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Rockabilly, aka Hunter Niels
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 4, 2012

Rockabilly, aka Hunter Niels

Staying faithfull to one style is very difficult for the Hunters. So many influences are in the fashion scene that it is hard to stay with one typical look. As you might have seen, the looks of the Hunters vary a lot. From preppy to edgy and from minimalistic to futuristic.

One of my (Hunter Niels) favourite styles is the rockabilly style. Stonewashed skinny jeans, biker boots, jeans shirt and a leather jacket. This fashion style is often seen by designers as Andrew Buckler, Burberry, Versace and Topman. It is very close to the style of most London boys, so probably that is why Hunter Niels feels attracted to this style. Celebrities that werq the ‘rockabilly look’ are: Adam Levine, Adam Lambert and Jared Leto. To complete the look, hair is very important. I recently went to Coupe d’etat, to get his hair done by Jeffrey Janssen, Creative Director of Style Wella Professionals. Jeffrey thought the ‘Rockabilly look’ would match the best with my type of hair and my type of style. A little bit of the James Dean look, but  just a little bit more rough. Just like my clothing style, my hair varies a lot as well. One day it’s straight, the other day it’s curly. With the haircut Jeffrey gave me, and the products from SP men  I happen to create the ‘Rockabilly look’ each and every time. Some days I wear it more slik like old school John Travolta, other days more loose like Tony Curtis. Rock and roll bitches!

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