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Puccini, Amsterdam
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | April 5, 2011

Puccini, Amsterdam

One of the best, and surely my favourite,  lunchrooms from Amsterdam is Puccini. Puccini is located on a corner, opposite the Stopera. It’s a small place, so you need to be lucky to get a table. The Italian lunchroom serves amazing focaccia’s, home -made soups and define cake. My favourite focaccia is the ‘magor’: Gorgonzola, pesto and lot’s of vegetables. But hold on there!
Don’t walk out of the place without having tasted the truffle-chocolate cake. Have a little Illy espresso or cappuccino on the side, and you are in chocolate heaven.

I come here for the past ten years, if it ain’t more. The owner has seen me grown up, from the cute little boy which visited with his Granny and mummy. To who I am now a days (not so cute). The first question John (the owner) always asks me: ‘Have you been a bad boy the last couple of weeks?’. And the second question is: ‘How are the boys?’. You can imagine, I feel like home at Puccini.

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