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Do you dare pink hair?
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 10, 2012

Do you dare pink hair?

In terms of hairstyles, haircuts and color it can’t be crazy enough for Hunter Linda. I like to change and to experiment with my hair. It even start to tickle when I have the same hairdo for more than two months. I ask my hair stylist Charlotte Charpentier for advice and new trends. At the moment I have a new hairdo in mind, but to make that possible it have to grow first. If anyone can give me some tips to accelerate the growth? Please let me know. I don’t think I will change the color, because I really like this white/grey color. Beside the fact, this color doesn’t benefit the condition of my hair, it is a color that suits with a lot of colors in my wardrobe and lipsticks. I really like the diversity in my outfits and make-up. The trend for colored hair, has been gathering for the past three seasons, we saw a lot of painted, powdered, sprayed and streaked looks on the runway. I once tried the pastel pink shades in my hair and it was so nice. The color was very subtle, but different and interesting. The colored hair trend will be one of the most important trend for SS2012. I once tried blue, perhaps I should try bright pink. Most people start with the first strange color experience with pastel highlights, I already passed that step. The only thing I’m worried about is the condition of my hair. Colored hair requires some extra attention and care. Before you take the step, make sure you’re aware of the do’s and dont’s.

1. Use treatments to blow dry your hair, it will protect and moisturise your hair every day.
2. Make sure your salon and colorist are experienced, do some research
3. Invest in a good hairdresser, a good hairdresser will cost some money but it is more expensive and hard to fix screwed hairdo
4. Don’t bleach your hair if it’s too fragile
5. Don’t be scared of your boss being annoyed if you have pink hair at work, the more people that push it, the more acceptable it will become in the workplace.

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