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A party can be instructive
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 13, 2012

A party can be instructive

The inspiration for writing this post is created by the look of last night. The hunters attended the Elle Style Awards. You will read more about this event in our diary post, this article will be about eyeliner through the Ages. The dresscode for the Elle Style Awards was the roaring twenties. Besides the search for the perfect outfit, we had to search for the right accessories and not to mention the hairdo and make-up were really important to complete the twenties look. During my search for a twenties make-up look I discovered a lot of facts and figures. I will save you all the information in this post, otherwise this will be a never ending story. If you like it, I will dedicate another post at make-up through the ages, but first the eyeliner. Because this little black pencil is essential for my look for tonight. Therefore we start in the 20s.

20s. In the 20s it was the first time that, in the western world, eyeliner was used liberally and with great purpose. As a result of the rediscovery of King Tut’s tomb in Egypt, women were applying eyeliner with gusto to get the trendy look. In these years film stars such as Louise Brooks pioneered the slightly smudged lined eye.

30s.In contrast the thick, smudged lines of the 20s, eyeliner was kept very close to the lashline in the 30s. Barely there liquid liner was used to fill in the spaces between the lashes but was never thick or smoky.

40s.While eyeliner was a key element in recreating 40s looks, the line was much more subdued during the time of war. There was no smudge, and definitely no defined shape, but similar to the 30s, a very thin line was often used to define the upper lashes.

50s.The femininity returned after the time of war, the liner was used all around the eye and onto the waterline. Stars such as Brigitte Bardot pioneered the dark eyes/light lips look that became legendary from the era.

60s. Probably the most iconic time in the 20th century for eyeliner, in the 60s the eyeliner became an important part of the entire look. To create a trendy style the eyeliner was essential.

70s. After the dramatic lines of the 60s, the lines were more softened in the 70s. Harsh black lines were replaced by warm brown tones. Vogue was showing a more natural look.

80s. In the 80s the focus was on exaggerated make-up. Frosted lips and pale blue eyes were paired with heavily lined eyes in both black and neon brights. Madonna’s signature looks from the 80s dictated to her droves of fans and liquid liner was the key in recreating this look.

90s. In the 90s the subtle liner was seen on most of its fashion and beauty icons. From the grunge girls of the early 90s to Cindy Crawford and the gang in the later years, liner was used as a subtle way to highlight the eye rather than make a statement.

00s. The decade of the signature eyeliner. Angelina Jolie marked the soft cat eye. Which is actually a combination of all the lines in the years before.

I’m a huge fan of using eyeliner, indeed people ask me if I have a cold if I don’t apply the black line around my eyes. Anyways I have to hurry to practise the 20s liner look right now to get ready for the party. I will show you pictures of the result.





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