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O.P.I. The Living Daylights
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | May 16, 2013

O.P.I. The Living Daylights

Cosmetics are just like men and play an important role in our lives. In order to love someone, you must first judge them. At least you can ask the same questions to judge a man either your cosmetics.

Hunter Linda had a fling with The Living Daylights from O.P.I



1. Love at first sight?
Yes, he looks so cute. The combination of colors attracted me. I never saw the combination of copper, silver, gold and blue together in one jar.
2. Where does he come from?
He’s born in North Hollywood, California and raised by George Schaeffer in 1981. Did you know OPI, originally named Odontorium Products Inc, was a small dental supply company?
3. How would you describe him?
Fast drying & super shiny.
4. What attracted you the most about him?
The fact he’s fast drying even after two layers. Another positive thing about this glitter polish is, the size of the glitters. Although, it does require 3 coats for a fairly opaque covering, it does apply quite easily.
5. What is his financial status?
6. Where did you meet him?
OPI The Living Daylight is available at all OPI counters.
7. One night stand or long term relationship?
A relationship, is a serious word. It’s super nice to hang out with him, so now and then. He makes me smile, he makes me happy.


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