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N. on the Hunt: I

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Posted by lifestylehunters | Diary | March 11, 2012

Since you all seemed to like our diary posts during the international fashion weeks, we thought why won’t we give you all a look in our personal life more often. Hunter N and Hunter L will biweekly update you about their personal life. Hunter Niels starts with his adventures this past weekend.

Since my birthday was over the weekend, as soon as I got back in the office I had to treat my colleagues with some French sweets. Unfortunately they didn’t all survive the trip with the Thalys. However, that proves they are real Parisien I presume.

Lot’s of our outfits we worn during the Fashion Weeks were lended by PR agencies. I had to bring all these back to the agencies on my bicycle. Always kind of a challenge with all those bags.

Friday night I had my friend over for dinner. I cooked some indonesion meal. However in comparison with Hunter Linda I am not so much into desserts. Especially not in making them myself. So I ran to the neighbours to get some Tarte Tartin. Gewoon Eten makes in my opinion one of the best of the city. While waiting for my friend to arrive I enjoyed a glass of wine and had a look in the photobook from my holiday in South Africa this Christmas.

After dinner it was time to go in the city. I was in a little dark mood this evening so chose for an all black outfit.

I ended up going to Club Home from a party of Knuckledusteragency. I happen to match perfect with the black balloons that were decorated in the room. DJ Valentijn Hingh, Jean Paul Paula and more played some fantastic tunes. We shaked our booty on tunes from Nicki Minaj, Beyonce till early in the morning. 

On Saturday I had a big date with mister Couch. Administration, writing posts, watching TV shows and  laundry. That was all for my Saturday. In the evening my friend came over for some red wine, gossip and Will & Grace. Oh and yes, I wear my Emu boots once I am home :).

It’s Sunday, the weather is great, so time for me to go back in my social life and see my friends who I kind of neglected the last couple of weeks.


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