As you might know I was in Puglia, Italy, two weeks ago. I had a blast, just me, my friend and family, tanning, food, drinks and an amazing beauityful and quiet beach (only busy during the weekends). The district in the South of Italy is a hidden secret from Europe. The beaches are also called the Maledives of Europe, and the nature is a mix of Tusany with Northern Africa.

After the holiday it was time to get together with my friends. What better way to catch up than during a high tea at Gartine.

Especially for the football I got this poster back in my living room. This is me for the campaign of Nike. I assume it’s about 14 years ago. Do you recognize me?

Monday we had the launch of a new range of clutches, and a very special dress from Frenchonista. Linda got a bag named after her, so obviously we had to attend this event.

Yes, gays do watch football. And how! Truth needs to be said, I’m kind of fanatical when it comes to sports. Just like when I’m playing a game of tennis myself, I shout and curse a whole lot during a game. Funny to see our fighters mentality on the first picture, and our surprised/disappointed faces on the second.

Thursday we went to the opening of the MOAM exhibition. The crowd was just the same perfect mix, as the exhibition.

Since the chance we are going to win with football is so small. And I still feel a little bit like a London-boy, I thought I switched teams….