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Mirror Mirror, what’s my Curve ID?
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Posted by lifestylehunters | | September 22, 2011

Mirror Mirror, what’s my Curve ID?

Looking for the perfect jeans, is for a lot of women a hell of a job. You ladies all know what I mean. I love shopping but I don’t like to buy jeans, because it often takes a long time to find the perfect fitted jeans. In my case there are often no very small sizes, and I have to deal with the problem the jeans doesn’t fit my legs if I have the right size in terms of my waist and length. But as you probably all know, is the problem of finding the right jeans solved, because of the Levi’s Curve ID. After a large fitting research worldwide, it seems that 80% of the female population around the world can be divide in one of 3 body types. Levi’s fitted these body types to 3 different fits, the Slight curve, the Demi curve and the Bold curve. The secret of the perfect fitted jeans is to measuring the body first to find the right curve. Last night Linda attented the opening of the Levi’s pop-up store. A temporary store located at the Kalverstraat nr. 101. The store is focused on women and in particular the Curve ID jeans. While enjoying champagne, drinks and delicious food the search for the perfect custom jeans could start. I have to admit it took 5 minutes to find that perfect jeans and the jeans fits just perfect right?




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