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McCoy – New York City
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | July 5, 2013

McCoy – New York City

Hidden bars, something not necesarry anymore in this decade. However for some reason it is intreging, and secret bars still pop-up. Even though their is no ‘ drooglegging’ or anything like that we all love to have our secrets. So why not with bars? Take for example the bar McCoy. Nothing special when you look from the outside. Just a cafe/restaurant on the corner of one of the main streets of Soho New York. However when you walk through the kitchen, go down this tiny stairs, through the curtains and you are in a very small, romantic and dark cocktail bar. Most of the times they have live jazz music. Prices of the cocktails are not too bad, 15 dollars a cocktail. Especially not when you realize you are in the middle of Soho, enjoying live music, and are in this special atmosphere. The crowd is a mix of trendy young boys, couples on a first date, and maybe a small group of friends who have something to celebrate.


McCoy is the perfect hang-out if you want to have a chill night, with good quality cocktails and entertainment. Nothing outrageous but just relax. And of course the perfect date to bring your American boy if you got any luck in the city that never sleeps.


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