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Linda on the hunt in Paris

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Posted by lifestylehunters | Diary | March 21, 2012

Time flies, the Cointreau trip is already one week ago. Last week I posted the on the hunt of the first day in Angers. This post is about some more adventures in Angers and Paris during the second day of the trip.





















We started the day with a typical French breakfast. Fresh juice, fruit, homemade marmalade and French bread. And no, there was no Cointreau in the juice.





















Fresh croissants, the best in France

After breakfast, the bus transferred us to the heaven of Cointreau. The Cointreau factory, the place were all the magic happens.

What a coincidence, my pink lipstick matches the Cointreaupolitan cocktail.

Edouard-Jean searched passionately for the essence of Cointreau. That passion is not only reflected in the product Cointreau, but also in the philosophy of the brand, the marketing, the communication and not to mention the employees who work for Cointreau. From the guys who are responsible for the distillation process, till the bar staff and those who are responsible for the packing of the bottles they are all so proud of their product. Experiencing this, makes you just love the product, and the taste of the product more.

The distillation process area. While writing this post, I smell the oranges again. The whole fabric smelled like oranges.

Striking a pose, with our 3D glasses before the movie about the distillation process started. Unfortunately we didn’t brought our designer 3D glasses with us.

Lab tasting. Which of the 4 glasses should contain Cointreau?

Shake, shake..

Time for lunch, so time for the first cointreaupolitan of the day.

Typical French desserts. I had 5 of them, they were delicious.

After lunch, a chocolate overdose, a cointreaupolitan and some wine it was time for heritage and communication lesson. We met the entire family, which was really interesting. It’s so special that the brand Cointreau is a family business, that almost the whole family worked at the company and that the business is still running by members of the Cointreau family.

The first Cointreau bottle. The bottle has changed but still has its original color and shape.

This is one of the first advertising campaigns from Cointreau. Interesting to see that Cointreau was already working on advertisements so many years ago. As you could see, the advertisement has changed a lot over the years.  Dita replaced the pierrot, but the message of the campaigns are still the same. Tempting, striking and passionated.

From the ingredients till the packaging process. Everything is made in Angers.

We ended the day in the factory of Cointreau with a cocktail workshop. We could use several ingredients to create and shake our own cocktail. For the bartenders it was finally time to show their skills.

If you know me, you know I love chocolate. It is therefore no surprise that the Linda cocktail contained chocolate, fresh strawberries and raspberries and not to mention Cointreau.

And there she is! If I’m honest the most delicious cocktail I tasted during the 3 days. If you are a chocolate lover, this cocktail is even better than the famous scroppino. Did I made you curious, stay tuned at Lifestylehunters about the recipe.

After being on the country side for a while, we arrived in Paris. We stayed at the Mama Shelter hotel. The hotel designed by Philippe Starck, was the opposite of the residence of the first night. From the classic Chateau to modern, they are both very ‘beau’. That’s why I really like the contrast. Cointreau is classic and contemporary, but on the other hand cool and trendy. More about the hotel and the restaurant will follow in a hotspot post on Lifestylehunters.

Dinner at the restaurant of Mama Shelter.

The dessert. A hot waiter, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and toasted almonds. Before we started eating the ice cream we were already satisfied.

Waiting for the taxi, at the hotel reception. I used my free minutes to check my email, facebook and twitter. Since I’m a blogger I discovered I’m more addicted to Wifi then chocolate.

The Cointreau experience ended in the Cointreau private pop up bar. Really funny, because I was there during Paris fashion week together with Niels after the show from Alexis Mabille. The lady at the cloakroom even recognized me.

The last one.. Cointreaupolitan royal.

After 2 days filled with a lot of Cointreau, cocktails, food, oranges, desserts, castles, and bars….. It was time to sleep. Drinking a cointreaupolitan will never be the same after these 3 days. Every first sip from the glass will remind me of this amazing experience.


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