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Learn to Sculpt Your Face like a Professional Make-up Artist
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | September 5, 2012

Learn to Sculpt Your Face like a Professional Make-up Artist

Every season the trends in contouring you’re face changes the same as fashion changes. Last season it was all about a luminous almost glossy/wet highlight. This season it’s going to be more about the depth of a contour with a clean canvas in it’s purest form. Don’t we all want to look like Kim Kardashian? The oval shape is the “perfect” shape, we all want high gorgeous cheekbones highlight and glow. But unfortunately this shape isn’t natural. Make-up artist Nynke de Jong will tell you how to get this Kardashian look and will learn you how to accentuate your bone structure more. The most important basic starters are a even canvas, the right sculpting products and the right tools.

  • To create a flawless skin, good skincare and primers are important.  The prep+prime skinenhancers from MAC are perfect to correct little imperfections without using too much make-up. Use a foundation and concealer that matches you’re needs, to get you’re skin as even as possible. Guys, I would suggest to use a primer, concealer and a tinted moisturizer. To keep it naturel.
  • Finish off with either a transluscent or pressed powder that you like. This is important because when you are using sculptingpowders, these will not blend easily on a creamy surface.

This season you’ll see a lot of different contouring, from a soft shape to a strong cheek, but clean and not masculine…. almost nude.For sculpting and contouring it’s nice to use colours that have a more cool or neutral undertone, you want to create a shadow and not a bronzed look. MAC special sculpting powders in colours like Sculpt (a darker colour) and  Bone Beige for example.

  • Use you’re fingers to find you’re cheekbones or make a pretty fishface ( you know ; ) sucking in you’re cheeks).
  • Then take a small blush or contour brush , like the MAC #109, #116 or #168 because you can work more precise with it.
  • Take a little amount of sculpting powder. Place the brush against the cheekbone and with short sweeping movements create more shadow. You could also create a little shadow  on you’re forehead, close to you’re hairline and under the jawline.

It’s important you blend the colours well! So it’s possible to go back in with you’re powder and powder brush again. For the girls, you can take a little bit of blush on the apple of the cheeks to make you’re look more fresh. To give you’re face even more depth and enhance those newfound cheekbones, you can use a highlighter. There are several kinds of highlighters from sparkly to glow to mat. For a more natural highlight you could use MAC prep+prime highlighter sticks and for a more luminous glow you can use MAC Cream color base in Luna or Pearl.

  • The prep+prime stick is really nice to use under the eyes, next to the nose and on top of you’re cheekbones, to brighten up the center of the face. The MAC  #224 blending  brush is such a good tool for his.
  • To add a litle more luminousity take a small amount of Cream color base on a brush and put this on the highest point of the cheekbone, nosebridge and on the cupidsbow.

Good luck and have fun with contouring!!!







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