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Lancaster Sun Control Face SPF 50+
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | July 1, 2014

Lancaster Sun Control Face SPF 50+

Cosmetics are just like men and play an important role in our lives. In order to love someone, you must first judge them. At least you can ask the same questions to judge a man either your cosmetics.

Hunter Niels went on a date with the Lancaster Sun Control 50+.

Lancaster Sun Control


1. Love at first sight?
Not at all. I realize sun protection is very important. And use lot’s of sun protection when tanning. However from my previous experience, sun protection from 40 or 50+ are too fat and not easy to rub in.
2. Where does he come from?
Lancaster is a French brand, part of Coty Prestige. Lancaster makes sun protection for over 40 years.
3. How would you describe him?
The perfect high sun protection.
4. What attracted you the most about him?
How easy and quick it melts in your skin. Usually high sun protection leaves your face white for a long time. Super difficult to rub in and very fat which makes your skin sweaty and shiny. This sun protection of Lancaster is super easy to use and melts in your skin very rapidly and gives a refreshing feeling. When you need that extra high protection, this is the product to use. On top of this it includes anti-wrinkle and against dark-sports
5. What is his financial status?
A 50 ml bottle costs about €47,-.
6. Where did you meet him?
Lancaster Sun Control 50+ is available at authorized Lancaster beauty shops and warehouses.
7. One night stand or long term relationship?
The perfect summer love with extra protection.


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