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L on the hunt in Berlin

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Posted by lifestylehunters | Diary | April 2, 2012

Last month I counted a lot of different beds. After sharing a bed with Niels in London, Milan and Paris, it was time to share a bed with my own boyfriend last Tuesday. We travelled to Berlin to celebrate his B-day.

How do you spend your time in airports? Drinking Starbucks coffee. Every time they ask my name at Starbucks. I tell them: Hunter. An unusual name and as you can see a difficult name to spell.

And reading magazines. Finally I had time to read the Dutch Vogue. The flight delayed one hour. So I had time to read the Vogue from A to Z.

There I go again. I used this way of transportation more than my bike last month. Does Easyjet have a frequent flyer card?

Berlin, here we come!!

I couldn’t resist this giant cookie. I saw this type of cookie at a lot of bakeries in Berlin. I wonder if it’s a traditional German cookie? Did I mention the cookie is heart shaped and the name of the supermarket is rewe. My boyfriend’s name is Renwe.

Striking a pose in an ally in Mitte. My favorite neighborhood in Berlin. My outfit is matching the colours of the walls and the graffiti.

Like Amsterdam is famous because of the red light district and the weed. Berlin is famous because of the milk coffee. Große latte macchiatos for good prices. I never had so much coffee and milk in my life since last week. Moreover the Italian sandwiches were delicious as well. I will write a review about this hotspot soon!

Dinner at a Moroccan restaurant.

The tradition of hand washing before eating.

Tajine a type of dish found in the North African cuisines of Morocco, which is named after the special pot in which it is cooked in.

The B-day present!!

The best B-day present ever!! This biker jacket from Acne.

If you’re in Berlin, if you like designers and discount up to 80 % you have to visit this store!! OMG I almost got a heart attack when I passed by the window of this store. To be honest I went back to the store on Wednesday afternoon because the shop was closed when I passed by on Tuesday night. It was more than worth it. I spent almost 2 hours in this store. I tried 8 pair of shoes from YSL, Alexander Wang, Louboutin, Stella Mccartney to Celine. OMG it was hard to make a decision. Finally, Renwe bought me a pair of Stella ankle boots. A Marc Jacobs dress and a Isabel Marant sweater. And yes I regret that I didn’t purchased the Alexander Wang jacket, the Givenchy leopard jacket, the Balmain destroyed jeans and the other 7 pair of shoes. Please let me know if you’re going to Berlin.

To be continued..

Celebrating Renwe’s B-Day with a superb cake and a giant coffee.

Enjoying the sun.

When we arrived at the hotel and entered the room there was a surprise waiting.

Dinner at restaurant Cape Town. A restaurant with an exotic menu and a great atmosphere. If you want to try crocodile, springbok and ostrich this is the place. More information about the menu and restaurant will follow.

Coffee, the German Vogue and wifi. Happy Hunter!

Chocolate lover.

The last Kaffee and ofcourse kuchen before we leave Berlin.


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