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L on the Hunt in Angers

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Posted by lifestylehunters | Diary | March 16, 2012

This picture was taken in front of Schiphol Airport. If you followed Lifestylehunters on Facebook and Twitter you know that Hunter Linda is in France. She is invited by Cointreau to join the journey of the world of Cointreau. When I got the invitation for the trip and they asked me if I was available during these days, I didn’t had to think about it. How cool is it to get to know everything about your favorite cocktail.

After a journey from Paris by train, we arrived in Angers. In Angers the bus was waiting to bring us to the restaurant for lunch.

If you’re on a trip for Cointreau that means non-stop cocktails. There she is, the first Cointreaupolitan.

I have to admit it was a bit early for a cocktail, but I could get used to it.

Sushi to start.

My partner during the Cointreau trip, Monique from ,  is focused to capture the culinair part of the trip.

Salmon with sweet potato.

Despite the fact the food was delicious, we were a bit disappointed when the waiter didn’t asked us for dessert. However when we ordered a coffee, we were really surprised. We got so many sweets next to the coffee. When you are in Angers, a lunch at restaurant Villa Toussaint, is definitely a must. The atmosphere was great, the food delicious and the restaurant is close to the Castle of Angers.

Striking a pose in front of the castle of Angers. Where the tour of the chateau d’ Angers started.

At the end of the tour, there was a surprise. A secret room in the basement of the castle. In the basement the secrets recipes of cocktails were hidden.

After the tour we continued our journey to Chateau de Noirieux. A beautiful castle in a beautiful almost fairytail surrounding. The chateau was our residence for the first night.

After discovering the amazing room, some WIFI time, a touch up and a outfit change it was time for champagne.

After champagne at the Chateau, the bus was waiting to bring us to a cocktail bar in Angers, K9, were we enjoyed a delicious Cointreau cocktail.

A bit tipsy we arrived at the restaurant. Sorry don’t blame me, I started my first cocktail during lunch and when we arrived at the restaurant we all had the feeling it was in the middle of the night. However as soon as I saw all the amazing food I was full of energy.

We ended the first day in Angers with a delicious 4 course menu in 1 * Michelin Le Favre d’ Anne. Tired but satisfied and feeling like a real princess I fell a sleep.



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