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Jan Heideman Meesterbarbier, Amsterdam & Haarlem
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | January 1, 2013

Jan Heideman Meesterbarbier, Amsterdam & Haarlem

Just like fashion trends, cosmetic and grooming trends often make a comeback. One of the latest grooming trends for men is a very retro one: the barbershop. The Hunters went on a little research and found the Jan Heideman ‘Meesterbarbier.’ (Master Barber) Jan Heideman has a location in Haarlem as well as in Amsterdam. Jan Heideman and his team shave the old fashioned way with an open blade. Hunter Niels went under the knife to experience this authentic way of shaving.

The barber’s clothing and sense of style were the first things Niels took interest in. (After all, it’s Niels we’re talking about here..) Jan Heideman, the ‘Master Barber’ looked like he came walking straight out of the 20’s. He was wearing a waistcoat, high-rise pants, tie, pocket watch and a moustache to top it all off. His assistant (‘gazelle’  in barber-terms) had a similar style, however a little bit more colorful with a bow-tie and arms full of tattoos. The saloons have the same retro feel to them, decorated with vintage furniture.

Now back to the shaving process. It all started with an oil to make the hair softer. In addition to this the face was covered with a hot towel. After a few minutes the towel was removed and the shaving cream was rubbed on the face with a fop. Important detail is to rub the foam in carefully. In the end the foam needs to cover the complete beard-zone with a thin layer of foam.

Than the exciting process starts – the knife-part. You are shaved with an open blade which is kind of scary. I was glad to be in the hands of the Master Barber Jan. While shaving the skin needs to be held straight and tight to make sure the skin won’t get cut and to make sure the shaving process happens fluently. Good thing about the oil the barber used in the beginning, is that he could go over the same spot of skin 2 or 3 times without irritating the skin. Once he was done with the knife the face gets covered in a towel once more. This time a cold towel for a soothing and refreshing experience. You think we are done here? No. There are four more steps to the an authentic shaving experience. First your skin gets rubbed with a special cool salt stone. Again for the soothing process. Next step is the aftershave. Third and last is the talcum powder. Talcum powder is to make the skin look math.

Every guy should experience this process right? So what are you waiting for? Are you a real man and dare to try this way of shaving? Walk in or call for an appointment:
06- 34222317


Meesterbarbier Jan Heideman: Haarlem: Spaarnewouderstraat 72 2011 AE. Amsterdam: Louis Maximilian, Haarlemmerdijk 156 1013 JJ

Facebook: Jan Heideman Meesterbarbier


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