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Interview with Erny van Reijmersdal
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Inspiration | January 31, 2012

Interview with Erny van Reijmersdal

Erny van Reijmersdal is back in business. After some financial problems, he is now back with his fall winter 2012/2013 collection. Hunter Linda might not really be the target group of Erny, but there were lots of items she really liked. The looks which were shown on the runway were a little costume-like, but the items seperately could work really well in her personal style. Patriotic, dandy, and Scottish country was the overall look. Lot’s of heavy fabrics, plaids, fur, feathers and layers were used in the colours red, beige, brown, cobalt blue, and black. We had a little chat after the show backstage with Erny.

Hi Erny, congratulations with your comeback. We recognized a little ‘Hunting’  theme in the show. Is this correct, where did you get your inspiration from? I am often in the country side of Scotland for work. This season I got the inspiration from the rawness of Scotland and the beauty of this country. The Scottish boarding schools were also part of this inspiration. So you probably will recognize this in the collection with the ties, plaids and the checks.

How do you like to see the women dressed? I like to combine masculine items with more feminine items. Big oversized jackets, combined with very slim trousers. One the one hand women should feel very feminine with a big mayor ball gown, but also wear a skirt with a simple jeansjacket. For myself I would love to be dressed in such a big gown once, that you hardly fit in the car because of all the layers of fabrics. Every women should have this moment. However I realize not everyone has these moments to wear such a big gown, and I like women to wear my clothes besides the gala moments as well. My clients vary from royals to babysitters, and this divirsity is also visible in my collection.

So does that mean you have different collections? I mean your collection seemed to have been much bigger before. I do have two different lines. The Erny line which you just have seen and Erny washed. However in stores you will always see these together. I don’t really consider them as seperate lines, they are just production wise made differently. Concerning the size of the collection, it’s still as big as before. However this show was very last minute, and you can’t show everything. On the last moment I realized that I didn’t had coats for example, but I was like ‘ hey whatever, than I show without the coats’ . Some designer prefer to display all the pieces in the showroom. I prefer to have it more quiet, and less pieces, to get the message of my collection better across, instead that you will be overwhelmed by the amount of clothes.

Speaking of other designers. Do you have designers you admire? Ofcourse I do. I really admire Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren and Dries van Noten. Because of the cut of the items and the complete story they bring. It’s not just about the pieces you show, it’s about everything around it as well. It’s about the story you tell. The whole story needs to be clear, visible and matching with what you show. These three designers are very strong in doing this. They stand behind every little detail of the show and the collection, and this is very well thought through. This is important for me as well. The birds you heared for example during the show, and the sound of the church bells, it all comes from the village were I live. I could have let a DJ play tunes during the show, which is very 2012, but this doesn’t match with my collection. That is why I chose to have the patriotic batman tune in the beginning, and the Dutch song ‘doorgaan’  (keep on going) at the end. This is where I stand for. I had some financial problems, but that is the passed. Now I continue and be strong. Designers now-a-days are very conceptual, but that is not me. In the end it’s about the message you bring across, and you just want your clothes to be sold.


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