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Love is in the air
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Posted by lifestylehunters | | February 2, 2012

Love is in the air

Today it is the 2th of February. When the Hunters think about February we think of the 14th. The day we celebrate love and affection. But do you know how this nowadays very commercial day started? The origin from Valentine’s day is going according to most sources back to the 3rd century. During that period there was living a priest in Rome named Valentinus. He was known because of his good deeds for sick, elderly and poor people. Valentinus healed the blind stepdaughter from Aterius, the governor of Rome. Asterius was so grateful to him, that he converted to Christianity and ensured that all prisoners who were Christian immediately were free to go. For Emperor Claudius II this was a reason to behead Valentinus on February 14th 270. Later on Valentinus was canonized by the church and February 14th became a public holiday. Another story that is going around is that Valentinus was beheaded because he secretly married young couples, something that was strictly forbidden. Perhaps that’s the reason the story about love orginated, the day that people who loved each other, pay more attention with gifts, flowers, cards and chocolate. Chocolate and especially bonbons can’t be forgotten during this day. The Chocolate Company Amsterdam if offering for Valentine’s Day a special Valentine’s range. Bonbons in the shape of hearts, chocolate roses, chocolate lollipops in the shape of hearts, hotchocspoons with hearts, giftsets and so much more great products. If you decide to buy chocolate for you love, you should definitely go to the Chocolate Company. Next to this special range for Valentine’s day, there is another new experience. The Chocolate Company is offering a High Chocolate, so instead of the famous High Tea, you can book a High Chocolate and I can guarantee this is heaven for you chocolate lovers. There are 2 menu’s available, The 220 volt high choc and the 380 high volt choc.

Especially for Valentine’s day the Hunters are able to give away the 220 volt high choc. Which contains: Chocolate Fondue with fruit and cookies, Chocolate brownie, Bonbons, Coffee or Tea with a value of 20,- Do you want to surprise your love and enjoy this delicious new experience on the February 14th like the The Chocolate Company Amsterdam and Lifestylehunters on Facebook!



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