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Frizz alert!
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | October 29, 2012

Frizz alert!

Our ‘hair-expert’ Charlotte Charpentier helps you get through the winter without frizzy hair! Winter time is coming and so is unfortunately frizzy/static and dull hair. It’s due to the cold weather and the heating, the temperature that your hair gets is constantly changing as you go from the cold outside to a warm inside. Your hair gets dehydrated, just like your skin. So that means, moisture moisture moisture!

 Few tips to prevent/control this:

Use a shampoo for dry/frizzy hair, make sure you’ll get one for your specific hair type. If you have fine hair, get a light weight shampoo and conditioner. Try to use at least once a week a nice mask and leave it in for 15-20 minutes. If you have thick hair you can even leave it in while you’re sleeping, don’t forget to put a towel on your pillow!

Get a serum, also these products are available for different hair types. You see more and more oils coming with Argan in it, this specific ingredient is very moisturizing and is known for it’s healing quality. Most of these serums are very versatile, you can put them in your mask, use it before you wash your hair, as a leave-in product, before you blow dry and also as a finishing product. I even tend to mix it in my masks or put it on dry skin (really helps!). Be gentle with it, you can always take some more product! Some serums might make your hair a little bit heavier and don’t put it to close to the roots to prevent oily roots.

What I also recommendis to put a glossing over their hair, it gives extra depth and shine to your color. If you don’t want to change your natural color, that’s fine! You can create almost the exact same color and it still looks extremely natural but you’ll get rid off the frizz and get the extra shine.

A lot of questions/complains that I also get in the salon is about itchy/dry scalp and that they suffer from flakiness. Most people think that it’s dandruff, most of the times it’s not!! There’s a BIG difference between dandruff and sensitive/dry scalp. When the scalp gets itchy, first thing people do is scratch it. And because the scalp also gets dryer at this time of the year the skin does peels off if you scratch it too much. What I would like to give to you as a tip is to take care of it, if you’re scalp isn’t in a good condition, your hair won’t be in a good condition either. Some good tips for this: 1. Stop scratching! 2. Use a good shampoo specialized in dry scalp. 3. Don’t use too hot water in the shower. 4. Try to not wash it every day. 5.If you’re not sure, please go to a good hairdresser to ask for advice. Most salons will have products or treatments to soothe the scalp.

 Much love,

 Charlotte Charpentier (online bookings)

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