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 Playing with socks

Standing out in the crowd could be a challenge. Especially when you mostly hang-out on social events, with fashion minded people. To stand out, it’s all about the details. Perfect way to do this is with socks. Role your trousers up, and put some bright coloured socks on your feet. They don’t necessarily have to be a perfect match with the rest. A shock effect could be good once in a while. Other than bright colours you can chose for prints. Go for stripes, pied-de-poule, or my favourite, the ugly-old-sweater socks. Tips for socks: Topman, Happy Socks, Burlington.


Cowboys to Catwalk

One of the best men fashion stores in Amsterdam is Cowboys to Catwalk. We both love to come her. Hunter Niels to spend his money, and Hunter Linda to advice the boyfriend how to spend his money. The cool thing about the store is the variety of designers, styles and prices. The offer of Cowboys to Catwalk is structured in 3 different price ranges. The more exclusive brands like: Viktor & Rolf Monsieur. The casual designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs and the more affordable and classic brands like: Paul and Joe, Acne and Filippa K.  Visit Cowboys to Catwalk when you are in need for some fashion items, or just go for inspiration. The atmosphere in this store is great, the customer service is perfect. Cowboys to Catwalk is a must see when you’re in Amsterdam.

Customize your Hermes

Do you also dream of owning a Hermes scarf? Well, we’ve got some new input for your dreams. It is possible to design and customize your own personal scarf. The brand has introduced a customization and personalization service called the Custom Silk Corner. Starting at $15 per letter, you can customize one of four silk scarves: the 90 cm silk twill scarf, 70 cm vintage silk scarf, “Gavroche” pocket square, and “Twilly” silk ribbon. You could choose from a selection of significant life events: Birth and Childhood, Birthday celebrations, Love and Marriage, Graduation, and Mother’s Day. The new service offers 17 scarf designs, a total of 54 colorations, 30 colors of silk yarn, and 2 typographies for you to choose to personalize the scarf with initials, a date, a place, an event, or a special message. Depending on the design, coloration, and motif chosen, it takes just one to two weeks to get the resulting scarf.

Hunter Linda owns a Hermes scarf. Unfortunately not a customized one yet. However, how long will it last before she owns one…..

Skaterboys in swimwear

Are you ready for summer? Didn’t think so! When you haven’t got a swimshort of Get Butch in your closet you are not. The swimshorts are small, very small. Furthermore they have beautiful prints. However, sometimes images say more than words. I especially love the leopard-print shorts. See here this enormously cute skater boy showing you the latest swimwear trends. Didn’t get enough? Go to

Hide and Seek with Humanoid

When I saw the press release of Humanoid about the collection Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 in the inbox I asked Niels if I could write about it. Humanoid is one of my favorite brands. I can’t wait to see the collection in real life and even better to see the collection in stores.

The theme of the collection is Hide and seek, because there is so much more than you see at first sight. The essence of security, of different qualities, luxury fabrics and contrasting shapes the reason why we love Humanoid is even stronger this winter season. To give you an impression of the collection I explain the highlights from the collection: the use of double layered styles, inside out effects, shine through bags, plated knit styles and knits with a jersey lining. The materials are like always beautiful and enter this season in extra strong contrasts together.Mix and match the different materials to create your own personal style. The colors used in the winter collection are besides the used Humanoid shades, pink, ocher and red. The use of these colors create the color blocking effect in the silhouettes for a whole new feeling of color. The accessories consists of cool bags in sheepskin or washed wool mixed with leather, straps, mittens, hats and like always a lot of large shawls and wraps.

David Beckham Style

I still don’t know what impressed me more. The dress of Kate, the cuteness of her brother, or David Beckham. God did he looked handsome! Fully dressed in Ralph Lauren. It was just perfect. If I were Kate I would have skipped the whole princess part, and start to hook up with mister Beckham. Yes he looks hot in his underwear, yes he looks good with a beanie, glasses and a simple double denim, but he looks the hottest when he is dressed up. The cut and framing of his suits are clean and slim and meanwhile he experiments with colour and pattern. Take the example of the Royal Wedding, the suit looked perfectly tailored. The collar and the tie were making the whole outfit so special. What I like the most from his formal looks is how he plays with bow-ties, scarves, breast-pocket handkerchief and tie-pins. This is what makes the formal look more edgy and personal.

Church for Denham

This weekend the Hunters stepped into the Denham shop. The first thing that catched their eye were the Mc Dermott shoes.  The shoes are the perfect example of the ‘sole trend’ we talked about a couple of posts ago. Church, in coorporation with Denham, translated this trend in the latest collection. Especially for Denham they designed a limited edition line. The shoes are called Mc Dermott, and available in brown and grey. The Mc Dermott shoes have a prominent white rubber sole. The rest of the shoes have the classic Church look. Tough , fashionable worker shoes, with a classic edge.

For the once who haven’t heared of Denham before. Denham is a label built on experimentation and resourceful innovation. Representing Jason Denham’s most fully realised personal vision but demonstrating his modest and sincere resolve to resist compromise. The truth is in the details.

Denham store- Prinsengracht 495 Amsterdam (9 streets)

McQueen’s girls at the MET Ball

Last night the Met Gala was held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s exhibit. This year was one for the history books. The populair gala in New York City is noticed for all the extravaganza when it comes to dresses. This year many attendees paid tribute to famed designer Alexander McQueen. The exhibit and gala was titled, “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” and paid homage to past work from the designer. Six of Lee McQueens besties wore his designs at the gala. Seeing the beautiful six gowns, shows how diverse the designs of McQueen were and still are.  The evening was extra special as one of the six girls, was McQueen successor Sarah Burton.  It was a busy week for Ms Burton, since 2 milliard of people were watching her designed dress during the Royal Wedding.

Orange, yes or no?

In the Netherlands it is kind of not done, to wear something orange. Orange is the national colour. So with every football match or celebration of something in the Netherlands everybody is dressed in orange. Like today, it is Queensday. The whole city of Amsterdam will be packed with guys and girls in far too big orange football shirts, orange hats, orange scarves etc.. In a nutshell, not stylish at all. Actually it is a pitty. Because one of the most seen colours on the catwalk of SS2011 is orange. Prada, Jil Sander, Gucci, MaxMara, they all had the most beautiful collections, in orange. The Hunters are not scared of a little bit extravaganza when it comes to fashion. And we love the orange collections of the designers. However we haven’t desided yet if we skip this trend, or if we don’t  bother and work that beautiful warm, summer colour.

From Addy to Ronald

Last week (21 April), the Hunters went to Den Bosch (south of the Netherlands), to see the presentation of Addy van den Krommenacker. Krommenacker is the first Dutch designer who present his shows on 3D DVD’s. The Blu-ray 3D box is a coopartion between Addy van den Krommenacker, Chi hairproducts and Philips. In the flagship store of Krommenacker, together with Addy’s models, muses and friends, the Hunters watched the catwalkshow of Krommenacker at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week and the Alta Roma Fashion week.

After the lovely presentation the Hunters drove back to Amsterdam. Unfortunately they didn’t had dinner  yet (only 3 dishes nuts and chips) and were forced to have dinner at McDonalds.
Niels lost his McDrive virginity, since he never went there before.  He was so nervous the car engine hit off 4 times. We ended this evening in style (black dress, grey suit, Chanel bag, French fries and a large cola).

Brazilian fashion: Osklen

When the Hunters think of Brazilian fashion they think of: Mini swimsuits, extreme low-cut jeans and sex. However there is more. When I (Niels) went to Rome, I bumped in to the Osklen store. Osklen is a Brazilian sportswear clothing company, owned and created in 1989 by Brazilian entrepeneur Oskar Metsavaht. They represent themselves as sportwear, but they offer far more than that. I was happily surprised by the fashionable, modern, endrogenous look and feel of the collection of Osklen. The fabrics and colours had a very natural look, with especially a lot of blue. For the girls: Beautiful mini dresses, sportive jumpsuits and transparant tops. For the boys: long cardigans, oversized sweaters and amazing shorts.

Osklen shops are located in: Brazil, Portugal, Italy, USA, Japan and Switzerland. 

Funfact: When I (Niels) was in the shop, a stylist (who pretend to work for Vogue) asked me to put on some of the pieces of the collection. Since his model was too late, and he was soooo busy and he couldn’t wait for the model. Of course I didn’t bother and helped the stylist.

Flared jeans hot or not?

What do you think of flared jeans and wide pants?

The silhouette of this jeans really is making his comeback. During season SS2011 we already saw the flared jeans and wide pants in some collections. In all magazines also indispensable in the  jeans shoppings.

This look is inspired by the 70s.  Combined with high heels a boyfriend blazer or simple fitted top, to create a glamorous look.

I really like this silhouette and love the look of the Acne collection this summer.  The total look of the image is on top of my wish list. Yesterday I already bought a similar hat at Zara!

Mulberry and Swimwear?!

After Monki now Mulberry also added swimwear to their portfolio. Under the direction of new Creative Director Emma Hill, Mulberry had taken a leap into swimwear. The collection is limited to two different styles, inspired by the English woodlands. The collection is limited to two different styles at the moment, with inspiration taken from the English woodlands. The swimwear come with small matching bags. Both styles are available in stores and online in July, as part of the Autumn/Winter pre-collection.

I’m a back fan of the Mulberry handbags and accessories. I like the addition of swimwear  at the Mulberry portfolio. Mulberry is known about the elegant English style, that appeals a special audience. They focus the last few seasons (the famous Alexa bag) also on a more younger audience. I like the swimwear and certainly visit the store in July to see how they are in real life.

Monki Swimwear

A big smile appeared on my face when I saw the press release of the Monki swimwear collection in the  inbox.

We all love Monki and can’t resist to visit the shop for a quick visit (what evently turns out to one hour) if we are in de neighborhood. (Or do I only speak for myself?)

Now the sun is shining and the temperature is getting better, it starts to tickle me. New sunglasses, new shoes, shorts, bags and last but not least swimwear.

The Monki swimwear collection, is relaxed yet luxurious. Sixties influences, high waist or tie side bottoms, worn with bandeau or classic triangle tops. If you want te make a statement on the beach wear Monki.

DoubLEE denim

The Hunters love the denim on denim look. A brand which translated this trend in their collection is Lee.

Lee has expertise in denim and workwear for 122 years. This heritage combines Lee with the trends of AW2011. The popular jeans for men are the Daren, a regular fitting jeans with a modern look and the blake, a classic jeans with straight cut and a comfortable loose fit. The overall look is very ‘boy-nextdoor-ish’. For women comfort is the central theme for this season. The Jade and Scarlett are two jeans models which fit to this theme, they feel like a second skin. We advise you to combine it with uncomfortable high heels. Comfort is nice, but we don’t have to exaggarate. The colours for men as well as women have a connection with the heritage of the authentic American workwear. The blue colours vary from deep indigo to heavenly blue chambrays, combined with taupe, grey and dark reds. Double denim (denim on denim) is another trend which comes back in the collection of Lee, which perfectly matches the American-look they are known for.

Soon the Hunters will show you how they work the denim on denim look.

Catwalkshows FW11/12

In terms of our own wardrobe the hunters are far from ready for the winter. The hunters are busy hunting for summer essentials to make their wardrobe summer proof.

The Fashion world is ready for FW11/12. The Fashion weeks have past, the magazines are planning their last summer shoots, the PR agency’s presented the FW11/12 during the press days. The UPR showroom is ready for a new season.The Hunters (were unfortunately at that time not so well-known, they got invitations for the shows) They followed the catwalk shows online. The most Impressive shows:

No doubt one of my (Linda)  favorite shows. Seeing Chanel is making my heart beat faster. I really love Chanel. During watching the Chanel FW11/12 show, my boyfriend (who was sitting next to me on the couch) asked about 3 times if everything went well with me.

Lagerfeld’s grunge-y fairy tale the theme of the collection. The setting of the catwalk, was like the collection dusk and dark. Tweed jackets, woolen capes, jumpsuits, lace and leather garments passed the runway. Important colors were black, grey and white, alternating some green and red. The collection is tough and cool because of the (boyfriend items) wide trousers, oversized jackets, the biker boots but at the same time very feminime and really Chanel. I really love the mix and match.

Louis Vuitton
We are big fan of Marc Jacobs as designer for his own collection. We really love the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Louis Vuitton previously had no spot in my top 10, untill I (Linda) saw this show. The setting of the catwalk was like an old British undercover-agent movie. Elevators with bellboys and black and white blocked floors. Kate Moss closed the show. It was literally a smoking hot ending, since she smoked a cigarette while she did her walk.

Disciplined is the word to summarize the Louis Vuitton FW11/12 collection.

The shapes, the materials, the accessories (masks, handcuffs, caps) radiate a powerfull, strong and disciplined collection. The sculpted jackets, blouses, the pencil skirts. Beautiful!

Thierry Mugler

We are a big fan of Nicolla Formichetti. Fashion Director of Vogue Hommes Japan and Uniqlo. And since September, on top of all that, also as Creative Director of Thierry Mugler! Most of us will probably know him as Fashion Director of Lady Gaga. Nicolla Formichetti put Thiery Mugler back on track with this show. The décor, the music and the designs were outstanding. The bright blue and nude colours, see-through fabrics combined with latex and the Alien-ish, but still wearable pieces.

Oh, and did I (Niels) mention, Lady Gaga rocked the runway?

I like your sole!

The shoes of Prada are probably the most discussed shoes of SS2011. The different layers and colours of the sole are quite a buzz. However, Prada is not the only one experimenting with the sole of the shoes. For the women shoe-designs this was happening for quite a while. Probably as result of the success of the Louboutin shoes, many designers play this season with the colour of the soles. Same could be said about the men’s designs. Jil Sander, Marni, COS and Dr.Martens, they all have exotic soles. Other than the colour, the structure and size of the sole is experimented with as well. I really like this flow in the men’s shoe market. You can wear a quite basic shoe, but the colourful sole is such a nice detail, and brings a little more edginess to your outfit.

Less is more

Minimalism is one of the trends for SS2011 the hunters can translate into their own wardrobe.

Sharp geometric cuts, a unique quality, neutral shades and clean colors are the keywords to create this look. Colors like grey, black, camel and not to mention white are reflected in this trend.
The collection of Calvin Klein, was completely dominated of the minimalistic look.

The use of the right color is important this season. To create the minimalist look you have to use the color white. The combination of white and grey, with and nude shades and also an important combination white and black. Must have items for your wardrobe to create this look this season are a white blouse with sharp cuts (the most important basic item) a waist skirt, transluscent tops and a clean blazer all in light colors for the lady-hunters. And the boy-hunters can mix al tones of grey, baggy trousers, turtlenecks, fitted jackets and for the die-hards: see-through shirts and belly sweaters.

Leave your hat on

From a business student, to a hat-designer. It was a small step for Evelien Smith. She always had a passion for hats. In 2009 and 2010 Evelien lived and worked in Buenos Aires. The expression and style of the people made her decide to follow her dream and passion and become a hat-designer. In Buenos Aires, Senora Maria Elisa, who designed hats fo Yves Saint Laurent, advised her in the craftmanship of the designing of hats.

In may 2010 Evelien started her own brand: Eudia. Eudia is her second name and means ’It’s a beautiful day’ in Greek. The collection exists of hats and hat-accessories (fascinators). The brand goal is to stimulate men and women to make the outfit complete, by wearing hats. The designs are beautifully handmade, not to expensive, and very wearable. In the summer Eudia will launch a collection together with artist Frank E Hollywood.  Hats are available via , or via the pop-up store (Singel 1, Amsterdam) which is opened till the 9th of April.

Watch with wings

Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer (you probably all know him) known for his high octane and outrageaous designs. After his collaborations with Longchamp and Adidas, he now joined forces with Swatch.

Art, fashion and sports are the three pillars of the international success of the Swiss brand. Jeremy designed watches for the category Fashion, from the Art, Fashion & Sport collection.

For the new Swatch collection, Jeremy Scott designed three spectacular models: Winged Swatch, Swatch and flash lighting, and Opulence.

Hunters for Converse

We probably all have Converse shoes in our closet. That’s no surprise. However I’m sure I have a pair you don’t have. At a special bloggers event at Unlimited PR, Converse organized a workshop in which you could “pimp your shirt”. The blogger with the most original designed shirt could chose a pair of shoes designed by the lovely girls from .

I didn’t had to think a long time about my design. I love sequins, so I started with sequined shoulder pads. The rest of the shirt was inspired by fireworks. Out of one corner an explosion of sequins sprinkled cover the shirt. Overall the shirt didn’t look as extravagant as it sounds. Actually it is something I would wear. The problem is, I glued all the sequent. So after the laundry, all the sequent will probably be in my washing machine.

And guess who the winner of the challenge was? Me! I had the first pick, and chose a pair of black All Stars decorated with white feathers.

Magnet sunglasses

Lacoste, the relatively sporty brand, seem to be stepping up when it comes to fashion. The brand, known for the crocodile and the sport-wear, launched a campaign in April with two of my favourite models: Noah Mills and Jon Kortajarena.

Lacoste combines fashion with sporty. Same could be said about the new range of sunglasses. The sunglasses look very trendy and Italian, so wonderful to strut the streets with. However it is also good in use for sportive activities. The legs of the glasses are extendable, and at the end of the legs is a magnet which makes it ease in use while sporting. It won’t slip of your head. Usually I’m not a big fan of practical when it comes to fashion. However I like the whole Italian look of the sunglasses. The blue coloured version is my favourite, it matches with my eyes. Available for €129,95

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