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Etat Pur, a beauty discovery
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | May 15, 2012

Etat Pur, a beauty discovery

Last week I made an amazing beauty discovery. I was invited to attend the presentation of Etat Pur. I was told that the products, the concept and the approach would be very special. So, I was excited about the presentation. Nowadays it’s difficult for a new brand to distinguish itself, in terms of technologies and ingredients. I also think it’s daring to launch a new brand in times of crisis. Consumers become more aware and aloof of the products they buy. The price, the ingredients and the packaging play a big role in the process of buying. Etat Pur is thinking with us, and trying to make it easier for us to choose the right products. As you might know, I used to work in cosmetics and I’ve had a lot of skincare trainings and tested brands in all different price ranges. So, I know a lot about dermatological ingredients and their functions. But even I think it’s difficult to buy a new skincare product. Every time I visit a cosmetic store, it takes a lot of time to choose the right product. I like to try new brands and products once in a while because I’m curious and it is good for your skin to use different products. But even if you stay loyal to your skincare brand there are a lot of changes being made in the products. The people in the laboratory work hard to keep the products refreshing and up to date. Consumers expect more from their products. You want value for your money right? With the use of Etat Pur products you will get value for money. I will explain to you why.

Etat Pur is a pure and active solution for every skin type. The range consists of 80 products. 40 Actives (A+) and 40 Biomimetic products (+B). These products can be used separately or in association (A+B). The A products are high concentrated and solve the specific skin problems. You might think, when you hear the word active, the products are aggressive, but that’s not the case. The ingredients are identical to the skin. The B products consist of facial and body care for every day. How much does it cost is probably the next question which pops up in your mind? No worries, Etat Pur is affordable. They can keep the costs low because of the direct distribution from the laboratories.They also save money on expensive advertisements. What I really like about the brand is that the prices of the ingredients are on their website. The origin, structure and scientific facts are on the etiquettes of the products. I have to admit I only did some research after the presentation on the website. I had never used the products yet. I’m really excited to start using the products now. I experienced it’s difficult for a lot of people to find products that meet their specific needs and solve their personal skin problems. Ok, let’s get started. Browse to the Etat Pur website and open the problem list. If you don’t know what kind of skin type you are, you can ask for assistance. After doing research it is a matter of clicking and ordering. As a matter of fact I’m solving my skin problems right now and I’m about to press send. I will keep you updated about my experiences. Will you keep me posted?

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