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Estelle & Thild Facial Oil Rose Otto
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 24, 2013

Estelle & Thild Facial Oil Rose Otto

Cosmetics are just like men and play an important role in our lives. In order to love someone, you must first judge them. At least you can ask the same questions to judge a man either your cosmetics.

I fell in love with Estelle & Thild Facial Oil Rose Otto

1. Love at first sight?
Yes,  I was immidiately attracted to him. He looks so cute.

2. Where does he come from?
Born in Sweden in 2007 and raised by founder Pernilla Rönnberg. It started when Pernilla started to look for organic skincare products suitable for her two young daughters, Estelle and Mathilde. The difficulty to find what she expected led her to create her own line.

3. How would you describe him?
Energetic, nourishing and nurturing. He’s made of the finest and most exclusive organic ingredients. The high levels of nurturing vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and protects against premature aging. The products contains  fig fruit and powerful antioxidant from blueberry and lingonberry seed oil.

4. What attracted you the most about him?
His glowing softness, elasticity and comfort.

5. What’s his financial status?
€ 48,30

6. Where did you meet him?
Skins Cosmetics

7. One night stand, or long term relationship?
Long term relationship. He takes care of me day and night. Apply Rose Otto after cleansing, under your day and night cream. Insider tip! Mix Rose Otto with the Facial serum Rose Otto for an extra rich treatment. I actually use both products together and I love the result. My skin feels supple, nourished and super soft. Next to the great result I love the fact he protects me against free radicals.

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