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Dominicanen Church, Maastricht
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | December 14, 2011

Dominicanen Church, Maastricht

Truth needs to be said, the Hunters rarely go to the church. Every now and than on holidays we might visit a church, but that would be about it. However one church we do really like going to: Selexyz Dominicanen. It’s the Dominicanen church right in the middle of the center.¬†They transformed this church to a bookstore from Selexyz. This huge ass bookstore is extremely beautiful and worth a visit. To make sure the church didn’t damage they worked with several construction in the building. All the staircases, departments, levels, and clousets are stand alone, and so not fixed to the building or walls. They kept the original construction from the churc. The windows, and ceilings are breath-taken. Media have called it the most beautiful bookstore worldwide. Books in a church is nothing new, but at Selexyz dominicanen they offer a little more than the bible. The variety of books is inmens. From travelling, to architecture and from magazines to coffee table books. Speaking of coffee, I (Hunter Niels) studied approximately two years in Maastricht and went to church on a regular basis. Not for God, not for the architecture, not for the books but for the coffee. In the back of the church is a coffee bar from Coffeelovers. Coffeelovers is a familiar coffee bar and lunchroom in Maastricht on plein 1992. In the Dominicanen church they have a special coffee corner. I could say from the bottom of my hart they have the best coffees in town. So what more could you wish? A nice brand new magazine or book you just bought on your lap, a stunning location and delicious coffee. And your mother would be proud if you tell her you went to church ;-).

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