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Interview designers Twin Couture
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Posted by lifestylehunters | | January 19, 2012

Interview designers Twin Couture

Recently we met the lovely designers and twin sisters Lavinia and Abigail from Twin Couture. We had a really nice interview with these two vibrant girls. So nice to see meet such a creative, young and talented duo.

Why did you decided to start a denim label?

A couple of years ago we were asked to start a jeans label with some investors. However this was far to commercial for us, after a several months of working together we decided to start our own label. A more exclusive and fashionable line. We are huge fans of denim fabric, so wanted to start a label that mainly consisted of this fabric. In our opinion everybody always wants to wear denim, because it feels so comfortable. However we want to show the diversity of the fabric denim. Denim doesn’t necessarrily have to be blue jeans, but you can create a whole other, more feminine and trendy look, with denim fabric.

 Were the name Twin Couture comes from is very clear. But how could you further describe the label the best?

We are two sisters, but both with two very different characters. One does before she thinks, and the other thinks before she does. Abigail, the oldest, is the rebellious, outspoken and Edgy one. She is more like a tomboy and prefers to walk around in baggy jeans and an oversized sweater each and every day. Lavinia, 7 minutes younger, is the elegant, sophisticated and Classy type. These two different characteristics are also shown in the collection. We have the Edgy and Classy style. Furthermore we are very concious about the fabrics and production. The main fabric we use is denim, and everything is eco-friendly. We are part of the organization Clean & Unique, which is an organisation that is part of the Fair Wear foundation and helpus us to always stay on top of good labour conditions.

Oke, so you have two different kind of lines. Edgy and Classy. How does the design process go?

In general we start with one inspiration piece. For our latest collection this was for example a sweater from Alexander Wang from a couple of seasons ago. From this one piece of inspiration we draw mood boards, and come up with ideas and the overall look for the collection. The next step is how we interpet it in the ‘Edgy and Classy line’. We have the global idea of the collection and we take one piece, a trenchcoat for example, and interpet these ideas in a Edgy and a Classy variant. Once we collected all the ideas, moodboard and sketches our other sister comes in and she draws the designs. After that, the big process starts of looking for the right fabrics and production.

Like you girls said, denim is the most important fabric for Twin Couture. Besides that the eco-factor is important. Could you tell us a little more about the fabrics and ecouture?

We don’t believe in animal cruelty in the name of fashion and therefore we don’t use any animal materials. A massage we want to spread through fashion. Denim is our main ingredient. This is made of 100 % organic cotton. We love the fabric, the fitting, the look, the wearable qualities and most of all its sustainability. For the cotton we use organic cotton and organic agriculture protect the health of people and planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic and synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply. Besides that we have been looking for the perfect leather substitute for a while. For the FW12/13 collection we finally found it. It’s called Tree bark and is cultivated from Mutuba trees on eco-certified farms in Uganda. The fabric is said to be the most ancient textile in the history of humanity. 680 farmers in a structurally weak region are integrated in the production of the tree bark. This means new sources of income for about 6000 people. So besides that we made from our hobby fashion our job, we help many others. ‘The when is now, the way is no cruelty.

That all sounds fantastic. And what we like, is that besides this eco-friendlyness, the collection still looks like high fashion, and not fusty. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Like we said, we could get inspiration from just one sweater. But it also could be from something totally different. Maybe you wouldn’t expect it but I (Abigail, the Edgy one) am often very much inspired by Ralph Lauren. It’s completely different than my personal style, but Ralph Lauren knows to inspire me each and every season. Maybe it has to do with horse riding, which we did when we were kids. However lately Alexander Wang is also always on top of our  mind.

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