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The day after
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | September 19, 2011

The day after

The jetlag, the downside of travelling. Yesterday we arrived in Amsterdam, so you all can imagine how we feel at this moment. Preventing a jetlag is actually not possible but we have some tips to reduce the jetlag look. You all now the problem during the flight. Dry skin, tired legs a bloated feeling, puffiness, dark circles and bouncy hair. Because of the alternation of heat, the time zone, the horrible space in the airplane (unless you fly business class) and the bad food. To arrive fresh and to look not too bad the day after we have some tips for you. Hydrating the skin is really important during the flight. Because of the airconditioning and the pressure in the cabine the skin is getting really dry. Use a good moisterizer and try to apply the cream every 2 hours on your face, neck and even your hands. Apply the cream with circular motions, to stimulate the circulation of the blood and prevent a swollen face and skin. Best is to use no foundation. Try to drink a lot of water during the flight and try to avoid alcohol, coffee and tea to cause headaches and dehydration. Food-wise, the food is like you all know really bad during the flight. Buy some healthy food, like fruit on the airport and try to eat regular so your body can get used to the new time zone. Also really important try to move during the flight. You have to deal with a limited space (especially when you have the legs like Niels, and you travel American Airlines and there is because of the luggage from the staff no space for your hand luggage). Moving your legs during the flight prevent a swollen skin, aching legs, feets and face. I (Hunter Linda) think the best thing to do the day after if you have to look fabolous (I have get ready to pick up the boyfriend from the airport) is to use a lot of make-up and wear a sexy outfit, so it will distract my face.


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