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David Gandy, Style icon
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Inspiration | November 13, 2011

David Gandy, Style icon

When I (Hunter Niels) was living in London I met lot’s of celebrities, and some of them I got to know more personal. The celebrities I met: Kate Moss, Elton John, Lily Allen, Alexander Mcqueen etc. Actually every British celebrity I probably have met during work. Besides I was happily surprised everytime how kind most of them were, I didn’t care much and wasn’t starstruck or something. However with one guy I just lost my breath and couldn’t speak a word. It was at Elton John’s winterball and at one of the tables all top and former top models were seated: Daphne Guiness, Lily Cole and Iman. However the one that made me all weak on my feet was: David Gandy. I was halfway in my sentence and just stopped when he turned around and smiled to me with his heavenly blue eyes. He was so amazingly goodlooking that I had to excuse myself and come back later to continue my story at the table. Besides his good looks I was very much impressed about his fashion style. His suit was perfectly tailored, a waistcoat and a tie. When you look to his style at red carpet events it is always very stylish. He mostly wears jackets and waistcoats underneeth. The waistcoats accentuate his perfect shaped body. However outside the red carpet David’s style is just as elegant: V neck cashmere jumpers, leather jackets, turtle necks, shawls, and heavy knitted cardigans. However I do preferably see him in his tiny white swimshorts ;). Oh and by the way, later in the evening David came to me and we had a normall chat without me being all uncomfortable.

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