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Chanel, Fall/winter 2012
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Inspiration | March 9, 2012

Chanel, Fall/winter 2012

The impossible is possible! Tuesday it happened. One of our dreams came true. We already visited Grand Palais for other shows. And while we were there we knew and heared them preparing the space for the show of the shows: Chanel. The fashion crowd were all dressed in Chanel. Not one lady without a Chanel bag. Hunter Linda almost got stroke, while standing in the metro and queue in between all the ‘Chanel folk’. The moment we entered Grand Palais was like a movie. It felt like it went in slow-motion. Once going through the hallway, entering the ‘Arena of Karl’. It was like a crystal dream. The whole floor was covered in silver crushed stones, and the whole space was decorated with giant crystals in purple and white colours. The space was enormous, it didn’t even look like a catwalk.

When the music turned on, and the first models entered the crystal world we didn’t knew where to look. It felt like the models came from everywhere, since they were crossing the runway and walked different directions. The second model in the show was the Dutch Iris Egbers, whom we later met after the show. Many other Dutch models strutted the catwalk of uncle Karl (Bette Frank, Mellisa Tamerijn, Saskia de Brauw). Besides the amazing space, the beautiful models and the stunning decoration the fall/winter ready-to-wear 2012 collection was beyond. The classic Chanel tweeds, the jackets, skirts, pants and bags, were shown but in a different way. Oversize coats, patterned knits, draped dresses, new suit variations. Suits combined with sporty jackets detailled with crystals and stones. There were crystals on hems and cuffs, coats and the heels of the shoes. The designs were not only set by crystals, they had even the shape and color of crystals. Deep purple, blue, green, grey and red. Notable about the looks was that everything was shown with pants, all designs were layered over skinny pants.

What we like about the collection is that Karl succeeded to keep the classic Chanel feeling, but a different twist. Next to the garments in the collection, which were great, the accessories, the shoes and the eyebrows of the models were really special. All the shoes had crystal inspired heels, made from pastel, see-through plastic. The eyebrows of the models were created by Lesage, the legendary couture embroidery house. It looks like the models had crystals in their eyebrows. While writing this post and search for the pictures we still can’t believe we entered the crystal cave of Karl. As you might have noticed, if you followed Lifestylehunters, attending the show of Chanel was a huge experience. A fashion dream came true.

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