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Break this ritual
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 17, 2012

Break this ritual

This morning when I grabbed my make-up kit, I got inspired for this post. While applying my moisterizer and make-up I discovered that I can resize my toilet bag, because I use the same products every day. I think you all recognize this, an overflowing toilet bag filled with a lot of products you don’t use. I think there is a standard kit of make-up and beauty products that most women use every day. Concealer, foundation, blush, mascara and a lipgloss or lipstick. These products are generally the most used items by women across the world. Every woman has her own beauty rituals and the way of applying make-up is very personal and varies from each person. Actually really funny because the consumer knowledge of beauty products is wide and there are a lot of products, which are important but forgotten because you are stock to your own rituals. Some of the products which can reverse this ritual are:

– A tubular mascara: If you prefer a near-indelible waterproof mascara, try a tubular mascara. Instead of painting your lashes, products can not be remmoved without a combination of pressure and water. The use of a tubular mascara is a completely different mascara experience.

– Brush: Many women use their fingers or a foundation brush to apply their base, while it’s effective, you’ll be shocked at the finish you get from a buffing or stippling brush. Whether you want a very subtle finish or full coverage, a buffing brush allows you to control not only how much product is going on your skin but also how it’s blended.

– Reverse Lip Liner: This lip liner will solve the problem of lipstick that feathers or fades.

– Eye shadow primer: If you have to deal with the problem of oily eyelids or just have problems making your eyeshadow last, an eyeshadow primer will be the solution. It provides a tacky base for your shadow and is infinitely more effective than a standard primer or foundation.

– Clear mascara: This invisible product is not only perfect for subtly enhancing your lashes in a nude look. This product can tame unruly brows or baby hairs around the hairline as well.

– Color stick: Finding a color that you love that can be used on your eyes, cheeks, and lips can speed up your make-up application. Even in the worst rush, you can apply a bit of mascara and let this product do the rest.

So ladies, get up a bit earlier each morning to sever your beauty rituals. The use of other products, new colors and a different way of application will give you a different look. Actually I’m very curious about your beauty rituals, leave a comment.


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