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Smashed like a bomb
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | February 1, 2012

Smashed like a bomb

I love the androgynous look, the boyish style and men’s shoes but until recently I wear men’s perfume as well. I actually am addicted to a men’s perfume. The perfume I’m talking about is the new seduction from Viktor & Rolf:Spicebomb. Hunter Niels already told you about this amazing fragrance. After the huge success of Flowerbomb, a scent that has become a legend it was time to pay attention to the sensuality for men. And they succeeded again. OMG, what a scent. I would almost say that every man is sexy when wearing this fragrance. Irresistible Sexy, seductive, confident, powerful, masculine and not to mention addictive. It was the intention while choosing the notes for the fragrance, to make the fragrance addictive. The fragrances had to consist of immediate and powerful notes of the best commodities. While Flowerbomb a floral explosion, Spicebomb is a combustion of sharp and bright herbs. Special is that the fragrance consists of two opposite notes. The first note is irresistibly addictive. The mix of fiery herbs and chilli saffron combined with leather and tobacco. The second note contains the explosive, fresh notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pink peper. A winning combination, an explosion of senses. You have to experience this by yourself. Spicebomb smashed like a bomb for the Hunters.

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