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 Skull and Glossbones on your nails

Are you also planning a visit to the cinema and see  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Or better translated to see Johnny Depp? Do it in style and paint your nails with OPI’S Pirates of the Caribbean nail polish collection. In partnership with Disney, OPI designed a limited edition of nail polish. The collection consists of 6 spectacular colors and a Silver Shatter Top Coat, who are inspired to mythical mermaids, shine treasures and breathtaking adventures from Disneys and Jerry Bruckheimers movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The colors are warm, a classic radiation with nautical influences. From lavender till khaki grey and pastel pink. The names of the nail polish are like always really funny: Skull and Glossbones, Steady as She Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks a Lot, Stranger Tides, Mermaid’s Tears, Silver Shatter

To celebrate the launch of the movie, OPI has organized a 10 day give away (from 18 till 27 May). Every day they are giving away special Pirates prices:

– 2 tickets for the movie
– OPI Pirates of the Caribbean set with 4 mini nail polishes from 3.75ml

All you have to do is leaving your information on the website of OPI,
What are you waiting for, I already left my information. Or maybe I shouldn’t encourage you, less chance for me to win the price! Do you guys let me know if you won.

Hairtrends SS2011 by Toni&Guy

Spring/Summer colour trends 2011. Work with your wardrobe! Try to combine it with the colour blocking trend. You can think about pastel and combine them with vibrant colours, like: Candyfloss Pink, Peachy Cream, Soft Violet, Anbaric Copper, Vanilla Blonde etc. It’s all about intense, super shiny and powerful colours! If you want to go more natural think about: Mahogany Brunettes, Bronzed Blondes, Glowing Auburns. But of course, have a good consultation with your colour technician too see what fits best with your style and skin tone. Your hair is like any accessory ¬ reflective of your personality and completing your whole image.

By Charlotte Carpentier, Colour technician Toni&Guy


Summer proof lips

Besides making my wardrobe summer proof, I change the colors of lipsticks and nailpolish in my toiletry. During the summer I like to use bright colors on my lips and my nails.
Fuchsia is one of my favorite lip colors this season.  This spring it’s all about big, bright, and bold. Fuchsia is sweet, fun, trendy, a flirty alternative to the classic red lip. Applying the fuchsia lip is like getting the perfect red lip, is takes some precision:

Before you start, make sure your lips are well hydrated and dab off any excess lip balm or ChapStick you may have used. Blot any excess lipstick on a tissue, and then add an extra layer. To finish off, dab a small amount of concealer around the edge of your mouth to help prevent color bleeding.

My favourites are the fuchsia lipsticks from M.A.C and YSL

Exclusivity and sensuality

Being unique is very important. Dressed up in the same clothes is a nightmare, wearing the same fragrance is like a disaster. You want to have a smell that IS you. A fragrance that is part of you, and people recognize you about. The new fragrance of Yves Saint Laurent is all about this. L’Homme Eau de Toillette  is fascinating, sensual, unique, outspoken and  remarkable. His more mature brother, La Nuit de L’Homme, is a little bit more seductive and mysterieus. The ingredients of both fragrances are wood and basil. La Nuit is a little bit more spicy with black pepper extracts.

The Fragrances are in stores from half may in the more exclusive perfume boutiques. Price is €109,- a bottle.

Yellow the must have color for Summer 2011

Utopian Turquoise, Scorching Yellow, Blistering Blue, Audacous Orange are the must have colors for Summer 2011. The intensity of a summer in Paris, a time when anything is possible let me introduce you to the new look of YSL.
I‘m in love with the collection. Love the combination turquoise and yellow for the eye shadow. Dare to play with the colors. Playful and innocent for a lovely summer day, a bit heavier to create a sexy, tempting look for a hot summer night.  I can’t wait to buy the products and get to get started. I already have the yellow nail polish, in one word Amazing.  I even got comments from men about the color of my nails. Stryking, joyful and fashionable.
Without a yellow nail polish in your toiletry, your summer wardrobe isn’t complete.
I’m not the only one who likes yellow nails is evident. I spotted a lot of yellow on the nails of the celebs.

Wedding Nail Polish

Are you also curious about the DRESS, shoes, hair and nail polish Kate is wearing?

ESSIE will release this spring the wedding collection. On the best day of your life you want the most beautiful dress, shoes, hair and very important the most beautiful nails.
Your hands are in the spotlights (exchange of the rings, while cutting the cake) during that day.
From a natural look to a daring look, the collection consists of matching colors for every bride.

Gift Idea: for an adventurous honeymoon
The ESSIE resort Collection 2011. Safari chic and sultry are the keywords for this collection. Four new sophisticated colors, to defy the wilderness and complete your Safari outfit.

Selling price: €13,- (15ml)
Sales information:

Sun Proof

Summer Checklist:

  • New Sunglasses
  • New hair color
  • Wardrobe summer proof (working on it)
  • Subscription ice cream shop

The hunters are getting ready for the summer. We already enjoyed the first sun rays, the important next step is buying a good sunscreen lotion. Protecting the skin is really important, even for visiting the park or a terrace just for a drink. One of the brands the Hunters like to use are the lotions from Biotherm. A delicate smell, nice texture and value for money.

Biotherm presents Lait Solaire
The fragrance of the lotion is delicious, a fresh citrus scent. The milky texture is pleasant to use (which is important for a sun lotion to prevent a streaky effect on the skin). The ingredient thermal plankton, a ingredient which is processing in all Biotherm skincare ensures the natural protection of the skin.

Lait Solaire
Flacon 200 ml SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50 RRP €27.00
Pump Bottle 400 ml SPF 15, SPF 30 RRP € 33.00

Fuel for life

Like the fragrance Flowerbomb this fragrance pops up some memories as well.  Diesel Fuel for life one of the biggest promotions I did on Schiphol airport. A special outfit (black hat, waistcoat and fake money) to give the customer a special feeling and experience with buying Diesel Fuel for life.

This summer Diesel introduces Fuel for life the Denim collection. A fresh and sexy fragrance, that fits like a pair of jeans. For her: woody floral. For him: a sexy, energetic youth potion, with the freshness of raspberry and jasmine petals, dry wood and ambergris. What I liked about the first fragrance were the different jackets, which you could buy together with the fragrance. The jacket (jeans) for the denim collection is even better. The bottle from this collection is wearing a 5 pocket denim jeans. Stonewashed, raw-sesam blues (for him) and lighter denim (for her). This fragrance is indispensable for a jeans lover. For me a must have for my fragrance wardrobe. But this fragrance is so special, it deserves a spot on the jeans shelf in my closet.

Hot day, hot men

Wonder Powder

I do not leave the house without using this product. Label M Resurrection style dust.
To give my hair an edgy boost and more volume, all day long.

The combination of a dry shampoo and sea salt spray together is the secret of this product.

To manner of use is really easy , shake the pot to dispense a tiny amount to the roots. Then, scrunch the roots up with your fingers to get the hair poofed.

Available at the Tony & Guy salons
Resurrection Style Dust, 30ml: € 26.00

Men’s grooming trend

We ain’t called Hunters for nothing. When it comes to men, and facial hair, we are not afraid of a little beard. Actually we think it is kind of sexy. And are we lucky! The grooming trend for men, for summer 2011 is the three-day beard. A three-day beard looks a little bit scruffy, but not too much. It is still elegant. To get the perfect three-day beard, Remington introduced the Remington Stubble Kit. The T-shaped trimmer helps you with grooming the best three-day beard. So on day four, you don’t have to be afraid you can not get a three-day beard anymore. I (Hunter Niels) am not blessed with much facial hair, and unfortunately Remington can’t do much about that. However,  I don’t mind to watch guys who do. For example the three-days beards of Jonnie, Robbie, Noah and Brad.

Minimalistic nails

White is the most important color for season SS2011 and indispensable in your wardrobe and toiletry. On the catwalk all designers showed white in their collections. The clothes in stores composed of many white. From romantic dresses, layered skirts until simple tops, all are available in white. The minimalistic look and the use of simple/light colors is for beauty really important this season.

Key words for the beauty trends this season were: minimalist, pure, fresh and powerful. Foundations were more transparent than ever and only provided where needed, lip gloss used for the skin instead of the lips, and very important the shape of the eyebrows. During the show by Giambattista Valli, the eyelashes and eyebrows of all blonde models were even whitened.

When whitening your lashes is too much, it is also possible to make a come back of white in your make-up on your nails. White nail polish is normaly only used for the white line at the French Manicure, but to get the minimalistic look, try to polish your nails completely white. It takes longer and requires more concentration than a different color, because white is less opaque, but the result is success assured. Make sure your nails are short and apply the nail polish for the best result  twice.

I used the white nail polish of YSL and my nails were after painting once, actually opaque and beautiful. I’m very curious if you get as many compliments as I did with this color on my nails. I love te hear your comments.

Have paint fun!

Kitschy soap

Very soon the new Canal House will open the doors in Amsterdam. I heart some rumours, and it should be very impressive, exclusive and beautiful. Canal House is part of ‘A Curious Group of Hotels’. Besides the hotels, ‘A Curious Group of Hotels’ is known for the exclusive wellness products. The products are very, very English. Not so weird, since they are inspired by the English country side. The Green & Spring bath, Body and Skincare line exists of natural and handmade products. The line of products exists of three ranges: Relaxing (lavender and rosemary), indulging (roses and jasmine) and revitalising (mint).   The products look so over-the-top kitsch, that it’s cool. Products are available at Canal House in Amsterdam, Harvey Nichols and Liberties in London, Le Bon Marché in Paris, Barney’s in the States and online via:

Dangerous Red

In Russian, krasnoï means both “ red” and “ good-looking”. In Spanish, colorado can mean “red” or “colorful”. At Yves Saint Laurent, red is not just the color of heroines, it is a manifesto.

When I think about red lips, I think about the words, sexy, feminine, high heels and temptation.

For every woman, like me who want te leave an impression and loves coloured lips the must have for the make-up bag!

The lipsticks are divided in reds, fuchsias and oranges.
YSL Rouge pour couture €29.70


Gorgeous the Bohemian Chic Make-Up collection of YSL. The pastel shades, the fresh colours, the touch of pink.
The collection is making my heart beat faster and my cheeks blush.

Different mood, different fragrance

A different fragrance for a different mood. That is what Ralph Lauren brings with the Big Pony collection. The range of products consists of 4 different fragrances: Sport (citrus), seduction (chocolate and musk), adventure (wood and ginger) and stylish (wood and mandarin). When you go to the gym you can go for the sporty fragrance. And if you’re on a date and you want it to end up with the boy next to you, go for the seduction fragrance.

To promote the new line of products, Ralph Lauren showed a 4D movie in the high-end shopping street, Bondstreet in London’s May-Fair. On the front of the flagship store, Ralph Lauren projected models from 10 meters high, showing the new collection. The projection ended with the commercial of the pony step line. The projection was amazing to see, but even more special was that you smelled the perfumes while they were shown. Click on the youtube link to see the spectacular projection:

Whip my hair

“Whip my hair back and fort and go” that’s my spirit in the morning. Every minute counts in the morning, so I don’t like to spend much time on the hair. Parucci’s Funky Styler is very ease in use, math, not to sticky and you can style your hair in every possible way. My hair has been many different lengths and structures. One day my hair is a little curly and others it’s straight. For all lengths and hair structures the paste is useful.

Flowerbomb, La Vie en Rose

Flowerbomb, a fragrance which I have great memories of: Schiphol Airport, the big fragrance promotion, the black ‘Viktor & Rolf dress, the pink promotioncorner. Selling the fragrance, achieving the target was easy. Because I really loved the fragrance, the brand and the packaging. I still enjoy the fragrance. I feel feminine, confident and sexy. Flowerbomb is making me happy.

Viktor & Rolf launched specifically for spring 2011 the limited edition La Vie en Rose. A scent that tells the story of a floral explosion on a bright spring day.
A joyous whirlwind of fresh notes complement Flowerbomb. The fragrance is fresh, sweet and sensual.
The packaging is like the fragrance really feminine and glamorous. This pink box is the must have for your toilet table.

Available from spring 2011

Eau the toilette, flacon 50 ml, € 64,95

Quick cute

From Tokyo to Toronto to Paris with love.
The MAC Quite Cute collection for Spring SS2011 will make you happy!

Beautiful pastel shades, cupcake icing colors and even the design of the products are cute.
The mineralize blush has the shape of a heart right into it.

The lipstick candy yum-yum is amazing! The color is so fierce. I can’t wait to buy to products..

The collection is available from April 2nd.

Lipstick Candy Yum-Yum: €17,50

Smize and grind

Waking-up early isn’t my favourite hobby. Unfortunately I have to get up every day at 6.30 AM. There is one thing that keeps makes me feel fresh and ready for another fabulous day. It ain’t coffee, neither it is my breakfast it is: “Eye master skin minerals by Giorgio Armani”. Putting the fresh and light eye gel under my eyes makes my morning routine complete. Other than that, the eye gel of mister Armani rejuvenates the eye contour and targets wrinkles, bags and dark circles of the delicate eye area. So Bambi and Tyra, eat your heart out, ‘cause I’m ready to smize and grind’. Giorgio Armani Eye Master is available for €35,-

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