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Alux – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | February 13, 2014

Alux – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Once in Playa del Carmen it’s very tempting to stay on the beach and 5th avenue. On 5th avenue you have all sort of restaurants, bars, shops and clubs. If you want less touristic and more rural and romantic you are better of in Tulum. However I (Hunter Niels) had a magnificent time in Playa Del Carmen thanks to BPM festival. And Playa del Carmen has some true romantic and hidden places as well. Take for example Alux, 5 minutes cab drive from the city centre, and you are in a total different world and having dinner in a cave.


And when I say different world, I mean different world. From the outside you don’t see much. Just a regular civilized street and a sandy pair of steps going down into some garden. These steps bring you in a huge cave, full of stalactites, flowstones and underground mini-rivers. This is the world of Alux. The enigmatic energy of the ancient Mayans is felt everywhere in this cenote cavern. Of course the tourist come here as well, so did we, however it’s also a very popular spot for locals. Alux is a super romantic and unique spot for a refined Mexican and international cuisine. They serve typical Mexican dishes, and even in the international cuisine they make use of the local vegetables and other ingredients. If you make reservations in time you could ask for a special table in the middle of the cave, with no other tables or bar near you. You get the real private dining treatment. Just you, your food and your lover in the middle of a Mexican cave.


Since I was with my friend, and we were on a ‘boy hunt’ we chose not for such a table. And thank god we didn’t because everybody still thought we were a couple. I think my friend said to one waiter 4 times that I was her Gay Best Friend. Which paid off in the end, since we got free cocktails, tequila shots and could play our own Beyonce music on the speakers. Not so Mexican, but very joyful. Yes, Alux is a truly unforgettable place.


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