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Akasha, Amsterdam
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Beauty | January 2, 2013

Akasha, Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam and looking for some relaxation? Working in the city and looking for a small get-a-way, but don’t want to travel too far? Lifestylehunters found the perfect spot: Akasha. It’s in the centre of Amsterdam, in the Conservatorium hotel, however once you are in this Spa you feel like you are in a different world. This 1000 sqm of holistic living has all you need for a relaxing day. Akasha is named after the eternal source of the four basic elements of nature enabling life. The name reflects a core vision to provide a wellbeing journey that brings together the four elements in harmony, enabling transformation and a balancing experience. Fire is represented by the gym, water by the spa, air by the yoga, Pilates & meditation rooms and earth by the organic bar.

I (Hunter Niels) had the pleasure to experience the Akasha, and especially the Holistic spa. The spa consists of a Hamam, a private hamam, a dry sauna, swimming pool, whirlpool, a relaxation lounge and not to mention a watsu-pool. I went to Akasha to experience two treatments. the hamam treatment and the watsu treatment. I started with the ‘Kese – Hamam Body Peeling’. This traditional treatment takes place in a steamy room. During the treatment you get washed with special gloves and aromatic soaps. All the soaps and products used are from L’ Occitane and Gemology. The hamam is a perfect way to start your spa day, since the idea from a hamam is to clean your body, and renew and soften the skin. In this private atmosphere of Akasha you feel super comfortable and refreshed after the treatment.

The second treatment I tried was the Watsu treatment. I was very curious about this treatment since it was in a swimming pool and it was hard for me to imagine how it would be like. Watsu is a Shiatsu-treatment in the water. The meditating experience takes place in a warm swimming pool. Together with the Watsu therapist you are in this pool. During the Watsu treatment you float on the water, with the help of floating attributes and the Watsu therapist. In fact you are constantly in the hands of the Watsu therapist who let’s you float through the water. While floating your hands, feet and hat are massaged and your body get’s stretched. Since you float through the water in the hands of the therapist, I felt a little bit like a ballet dancer. Once I got out the warm Watsu-pool I felt more relaxed than ever. And that is exactly where the treatment is known for. To reduce the stress feeling. One of the reasons for this is the trust you need to have in the therapist who is performing the treatment with you. You are literally in the hands of him/her and need to let go of all other thoughts. A super relaxing, and healing treatment. A perfect for all those busy fashionista’s. Just this treatment is already worth a visit to Akasha.

The name and spa concept comes from Israel. The founders came with this concept and are opened this year the second Akasha in Amsterdam. Other cities were Akasha’s will be opened are London and Paris. For more information about other treatments please check the website of Akasha.

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Van Baerlestraat 27
1071 AN Amsterdam

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