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5&33 bar – Amsterdam
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Posted by lifestylehunters | Hotspots | December 19, 2013

5&33 bar – Amsterdam


We found the perfect dating spot in Amsterdam for you: Art ‘ otel. Why it’s the perfect dating spot? To start with, it’s a hotel bar. And for some reason hotel (bars) are always sexy. So even if you don’t feel you are pretty enough. Or you have a bad hair day, the location gives the sexy-ness a little boost. The bar has an international feeling, so it immediately feels like an evening out. Another reason why this bar is a good place for dating is the menu. The dishes in the bar are easy, delicious and from high quality. Moreover it’s a hotel so if you have some allergy they could easily adapt the menu for you. Location wise this is also a perfect spot. It’s opposite central station. So if your date comes outside the city it’s very easy to explain where it is. Also very convenient for when your date is a tourist.


Fourth reason is the variety of places to sit. Want to show off with your sexy date? Go sit in the lobby. Want a little more privacy to get to know eachother? Go sit on a high table with bar seats. Feeling comfortable enough to get cozy together? Take a seat on the chaiser-longue. Perfect spot to excidently touch your date or sit by all coincidence a little bit too close. Can’t get enough of your date and no dinner plans? In the next room you could have dinner at 5&33 restaurant in the hotel. And if you can’t hold yourself anymore, your house seems to far away and your date has enough money to spend? A room is easily booked. All these tips didn’t help and the date is still a dissaster? Enough cute waiters and waitresses to flirt with. Hopefully this dating-tip from your Digital Gay Best Friend will help you. Goodluck!

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